Theresa May resigns outside Number 10, Downing Street / Alberto Pezzali/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images
Theresa May resigns outside Number 10, Downing Street / Alberto Pezzali/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

Theresa May resigned from the position of Conservative Party Leader this morning (May 24, 2019), and in doing so, put a time limit on her time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. At the end of her resignation speech outside Number 10 Downing Street, her voice cracked and she left the podium in tears, rushing to get back inside the building she has made a home for almost three years.

7. The survivors of Grenfell

I would write a lot here on May's failure with Grenfell, but a statement released today by the Fire Brigades Union says it all:

6. The Windrush generation

In a scandal that saw many people wrongly deported by UK authorities, some of whom died following their deportation, the public discovered just how deeply a major mistake could run. With some of those who had been wrongly deported now unable to make contact with UK officials and return to the country, this is one of the biggest disgraces to have hit May's premiership.

5. Deported members of the LGBT+ community

Members of the LGBT+ community have recently been facing deportation from the UK to their home countries, where homosexuality is illegal and often punishable by death. All this, because UK officials refuse to believe they truly are members of the LGBT+ community.

4. The homeless

recent study found that 320,000 people at LEAST were homeless in Britain. It's a rise of 13,000 on the year before, and makes the equivalent of 36 new people becoming homeless every single day. London is at the top of the list with the highest rate of homelessness, but the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, and north-west England are all rising rapidly.

3. Those who rely on food banks

Food banks used to be a rare thing. Now, even those working for the NHS as nurses are being forced to take to them in a bid to keep themselves well fed. It's an utter disgrace and stain on the current Conservative government, and especially that of former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. To think he's now a frontrunner for next Prime Minister is scary, to say the very least...

2. People killed by austerity

Austerity has failed, that much is clear. With health and social care spending cuts linked to over 120,000 excess deaths in England alone, it's horrific to think of all the families affected by the squeeze on public finances. Despite all of the evidence, May pushed on with her plan to continue the cuts to the public sector, and that will forever be a part of her legacy.

1. The innocent people of Yemen

When it comes to foreign policy, May doesn't have the best record if you're a left-leaning member of society. She has backed a Saudi dictatorship that used British weapons to slaughter thousands of innocent people in Yemen. This has created a humanitarian disaster on a grand scale, with millions of people left without enough food to feed themselves and their families. Over three million women alone are facing increased health and protection risks. It's utterly shameful.

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