A population explosion is projected for the UK over the next few decades, according to official reports.



The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said that the population of the UK will rise by 4.4 million within the next decade, before exceeding 70 million in 2027.

This increase means that the UK will become Europe's second-largest country, overtaking France in 2030, before surpassing Germany in 2047 to become the largest country in Europe.

The ONS reports that sixty-eight per cent of the growth would be due to migration and its impact, such as migrants having children.

According to Prof Christian Dustmann, director of the Centre for Research and Analysis on Migration at University College London, immigration contributes greatly to GDP growth.

"An increase in population means a larger economic base - part of the GDP growth we have seen is due to immigration," he told BBC News.

However, the rising population will also impact public services such as healthcare and education. Prof Dustmann said one reason the ONS produces these figures is to make policy-makers aware of future demands, saying the government should "clearly be prepared to expand public services."