Plans for televised leader debates could now be destroyed after David Cameron yesterday stated he'll only be taking part in them if the Green Party can also.

David Cameron

David Cameron

His refusal means that doubts are now growing about whether or not the debates will even take place, though there is the possibility they could go ahead without him.

Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband seized the opportunity to slam his competition, stating: "The Prime Minister should be able to stand on his record and stop running scared".

"What's now clear is that David Cameron is trying to find any excuse to stop these debates happening."

Nigel Farage of UKIP added: "Looks like Mr Cameron is a chicken running scared over the TV debates."

Not thought to have been happy with Mr Farage's addition to the television debate, Cameron's said to be keen for Green leader Natalie Bennett to be added to the line-up so the left-wing vote is split.

Ofcom ruled that television and radio broadcasters should give UKIP the same standing as Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Labour in their general election coverage for the first time.

It means the party is to get extra party election broadcasts and increased coverage during news bulletins.

"It's not for the Prime Minister to choose who is in the TV debates," continued Miliband. "What's now clear is that David Cameron is trying to find any excuse to stop these debates happening."

"He wants to avoid these debates at all costs.

"This is a Prime Minister who is running scared, trying to chicken out of these TV debates.

"He shouldn't be doing it because he owes it to the people as do I to make sure these debates happen.

"David Cameron doesn't have the right to block these debates or choose who is in them."

Nick Clegg also waded in, telling the Prime Minister to "stop making excuses".

The leader of the Liberal Democrats went on to say: "Come on, David Cameron. The broadcasters have invited us, the public expect it, just say yes and stop making excuses."

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