New research by KitKat has revealed that Brits can't find enough time in their working day to take the breaks they so desperately need. Over one in four (27%) think they should take more time for themselves whilst more than a third (37%) say 'too little time' is the primary reason for not taking as many breaks as they'd like.

Do you take enough work breaks?

Do you take enough work breaks?

Surveying 2,000 adults on behalf of KitKat, ICM found that Brits see the benefits of taking breaks as feeling relaxed (71%), feeling refreshed (59%) and being more production (32%).

As well as too little time, Brits say regimented work shifts (28%) and fear of wasting time (24%) are the main reasons they don't take more breaks.

When it comes to what we do whilst taking our breaks, digital and micro breaks are extremely popular, with 51% browsing the internet, 50% checking emails and 35% checking social media.

Women are more likely than men to check social media or chat with family and friends during their breaks, whilst a whopping 67% of us - male OR female - eat a snack or drink during our short time off.

Lisa May, Marketing Director, Nestlé Confectionery, Nestlé UK & Ireland, said: "Our research reveals that having a break is an important part of the day that can help people feel more relaxed, refreshed and productive at work. It is great to hear about the variety of ways in which people spend their time during breaks - from checking social media to enjoying a snack."

More than three quarters of Brits have eaten a KitKat on their break over the past half a decade, with KitKat identifying the variety of ways people enjoy the snack. The most popular is snapping in half (45%) and chomping a mouthful (21%).

In celebration of the variety of ways people eat the product, KitKat have launched two new products - the KitKat 4 Finger Vanilla for 'stirrers' and the KitKat Chunky Extra Chocolate for 'nibblers'.

Lisa May continued: "We have been delighted to find out more about how people eat their KitKat® and we hope that our customers will continue to share with us the many unique and wonderful ways they enjoy our snacks as we launch 'The Break Off' campaign. We're also looking forward to hearing feedback from customers on our two new products and encourage them to share their experience with us through our social media campaign."

The KitKat® 4 Finger Vanilla and the KitKat Chunky Extra Chocolate are now available in most Nestlé stockists across the UK and Ireland.

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