2018 may have been one of the craziest years we've ever lived through, but those wild events of the past 12 months show no signs of slowing down. Now, with the New Year right around the corner, we've decided to put together some predictions about what will happen in the next 52 weeks. Remember of course to take each of these with a pinch of salt...

7) Harvey Weinstein to be sent to prison

Photo Credit: NYKC
Photo Credit: NYKC

Harvey Weinstein's legal team may have tried to get cases against him dismissed, but the disgraced producer will stand trial in March on five counts of sexual misconduct and rape. Though women are already enjoying a renewed sense of power and self thanks to the #MeToo movement and Weinstein's downfall, his imprisonment would be the perfect cherry on top of a mighty cake of a justice!

6) A Star Is Born sweeps up at the Oscars

Photo Credit: Neal Preston
Photo Credit: Neal Preston

Lady Gaga will win Best Actress, Bradley Cooper will win Best Actor AND Best Director, and A Star Is Born will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. There's a lot of stellar competition in the mix, but Cooper's directorial debut on the 2018 reboot is all anybody has been talking about since its cinematic release.

5) Charges brought against somebody VERY close to President Trump

Photo Credit: NYS/FAMOUS
Photo Credit: NYS/FAMOUS

The Robert Mueller investigation in the United States is heating up as each day passes. Though the 45th President of the US Donald Trump likes to tweet about it being a complete waste of time and a "witch-hunt", those who can read between the soundbites know that there's a big chance he could see some of those closest to him being brought in on charges very soon.

4) A new generation of gaming consoles are revealed

Sony and Microsoft are said to be working on their next generation of gaming consoles, and the chance of them being announced in the very near future is extremely high. We think Sony will likely continue with their chronological numbering of PlayStations - so with the PlayStation 5 up next - but Microsoft are likely to try and do something jazzy with the new Xbox. Xbox Scarlett, Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart are all rumoured names, but could just be placeholders whilst work is taking place behind-the-scenes!

Though they're likely going to be revealed in 2019, we're not entirely sure they'll be released for some time.

3) New leaders of the UK's two main political parties are elected

Photo Credit: Glenn Ashley/FAMOUS
Photo Credit: Glenn Ashley/FAMOUS

Jeremy Corbyn has for many been a fantastic leader of the Labour Party. He has without a doubt faced biased headlines from a number of different media outlets, smears that have damaged his reputation, yet has stood firm in his beliefs and brought about a whiff of hope for the United Kingdom's younger generations. With them he is popular, but it does feel as though that popularity is waning.

Though he's been close to Number 10, it may not be that he ever gets handed the keys and the role of the most powerful position in the country. Too much damage has been done, and if the Labour Party is to succeed in a predicted 2019 general election, then a new leader could be the perfect component to ensure they emerge victorious.

Theresa May meanwhile has stated she won't be the Tory responsible for leading the Conservative Party into the next General Election. Many shudder to think exactly who could take her place in the coming months...

2) Labour form a rainbow coalition government

With Jeremy Corbyn gone as leader, but someone incredibly similar to him leading the Labour party, reformed hope that they will be able to make some dramatic changes to the United Kingdom will see them win a 2019 general election as a minority government. This will force the party to do deals with a number of others across Parliament; we could see representation from the SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and even the Greens jump on board - and perhaps that's exactly what the country needs right now. Just don't expect UKIP to get anywhere near.

1) Brexit: A People's Vote

When Vladimir Putin is throwing his weight behind those who demand we push ahead with Brexit no matter the consequences, we know right away that we're on the wrong path. Whilst some believe a second vote on the matter of Brexit is a kick in the face to democracy, they couldn't be more incorrect. This would not be an exact replica of the vote we had back in 2016. This would be one that had multiple options on the ballot paper, and allow those who want to make their voices heard have a final say on exactly how the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

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