Share a Heinz Soup Warming Moment with an older neighbour this winter. Heinz Soup and Royal Voluntary Service partner want to thank people who share warming moments with older neighbours.

As we all get used to the colder temperatures and limited day light, it's an important time to think about being a good neighbour to older people who may be living alone in our local areas. Little acts of kindness can make a big difference to their lives during the winter.

New research from Heinz Soup shows that Brits are twice as likely to help an older neighbour during the autumn and winter, than they are during the spring and summer.

Contrary to popular belief that Brits like to keep themselves to themselves, the UK has a genuine community spirit with the average person calling or visiting an older neighbour one or two times a week and devoting an hour to each visit.

Heinz, the nation's favourite soup, has partnered with Royal Voluntary Service and TV presenter, Ruth Langsford, to celebrate and thank the people who share warming moments with their older neighbours during the cold, winter months.

Out of those who currently do not help an older neighbour, one in four cite 'being worried about offending them' as the reason for not doing so. However, further revealing Britain as a hospitable nation; nearly 75% say they would consider sharing a warming lunch with an older neighbour during the cold winter months, if they knew they would be welcome.

We're calling for more people to share warming moments with their older neighbours this winter. Sharing time, changes lives and taking a bit of time out of your day to have a chat to a neighbour to make sure they're okay and have everything they need, can make the difference between a good and a bad week.

It's easy to make a difference this winter. Here are some tips on how you can help from Royal Voluntary Service:

Don't forget to check in on your elderly neighbour this winter

Don't forget to check in on your elderly neighbour this winter

  • Have a chat with them and ask them how they are
  • Check whether they have everything they need, especially store cupboard essentials
  • Share a meal such as a warming bowl of soup with them
  • Ask if their heating system is working okay and suggest they keep one or two rooms nice and warm instead of trying to heat their whole home
  • Check to see whether they need any help with technology
  • Offer lifts to the shops, appointments and social events
  • Ask if they need help with household chores
  • Check for severe weather forecast warnings from the Met Office and check in on them more during very cold snaps
  • Check they have torches, a battery-powered radio and spare batteries where they're easy to find in the dark in case of power cuts

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