Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for many reasons in the past. Whether or not you agree with his politics or the approach his party would take whilst fronted by him however, it's hard to understand why his most fervent of critics have decided to attack the choice of coat and the size of poppy Corbyn wore over the weekend.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn / Photo Credit: Glenn Ashley/FAMOUS

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn / Photo Credit: Glenn Ashley/FAMOUS

During a ceremony at the foot of the Cenotaph, where he and other leaders honoured those who had fallen in battle, and stood to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, Corbyn wore a suit and tie, covered by a dark, hooded raincoat. On that raincoat was a poppy pin, worn in memory of the soldiers who had died fighting for our freedom. Corbyn wore a second poppy on his suit under the coat.

Of those freedoms of course, is the freedom to choose exactly what you'd like to wear to a Remembrance Sunday event. That isn't something those up in arms about his style are willing to listen to, however, with a former Labour parliamentary candidate even taking to social media to tear a strip out of the party leader.

"Don't be fooled by @JeremyCorbyn in hooded anorak at the #Cenotaph," tweeted Kevin McKeever. "Of course he owns a black overcoat. This stunt is cynically designed to provoke outrage in the media and feed a 'them and us' narrative. Disrespectful and manipulative or sartorial froth? You decide."

Let me now share my personal view about those using Remembrance Sunday as an excuse to attack Corbyn; it's an utterly disgusting, flagrant attempt at keeping Labour on the outs and a Conservative government in power. Those criticising for a choice of clothes or style of poppy are falsely-patriotic, self-serving members of society who are turning dead soldiers into political pawns to push their own agenda. The saying 'choose your battles wisely' has never been more appropriate.

Corbyn is not a perfect politician; those do not exist. However, he does not deserve to be ripped apart at every given opportunity for something so insignificant.

All of these ridiculous criticisms are overshadowing the announcement made yesterday by Corbyn that the Labour Party would create a "social contract" for veterans, including provisions for free education and the treatment of mental health issues.

Corbyn explained in a statement online: "The next Labour government will guarantee armed forces personnel the opportunity to have a home, to heal and to retrain when they complete their time in service. We will do the right thing by ending the scourge of rough sleeping and helping veterans embark on new careers."

Surely, this is what we should all be focused on in a bid to ensure veterans are treated in the best possible way following their time serving for the country? Their future, rather than the clothes worn by a political figure whilst he lays a wreath to remember those who lost their lives?

It's time we all got our priorities in order.

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