Let's not sugar coat it, periods suck, as does the "vadmin" of the monthly cycle. Scrabbling for a rogue tampon at the bottom of a bag or having it unexpectedly launch onto a table or desk are annoyances most women have to experience on a monthly basis.

But not for long. Little Things for Good, an independent online retailer that creates unique little things that spread a little goodness by providing support to charities and worthwhile projects around the world, is helping women get organised when it comes to their sanitary stuff by creating a range of tampon tins to provide a nifty storage solution with a twist… they tell it like it is.

Unlike other time-of-the-month products designed to hide away the facts of life and blend into the background, these eye-catching tins bring the stark realities of the monthly cycle to life, mixing beautiful artwork, typography and design with cold hard facts from real women about periods.

There are four distinctive designs to choose, each priced at £10; from the accurate 'There Will Be Blood' and 'Blood Sweat & Tears' to the more graphic 'Crime Scene In My Pants' and rather fitting 'Life's Little Bleeding Luxury.'

Each and every tin sold will donate to St Mungo's Broadway in the UK and Sunshine Action in Hong Kong to help provide homeless or refugee women with sanitary supplies and support the charities' continued work rebuilding lives.

Lizzie Earl of Little Things for Good, explains "The most organised women I know all still use the same disorganised method for storing tampons - loose in their bag. The only other options were old fashioned containers that mask their real usage with horrible out-dated styles no woman I know would ever carry around in her bag."

"One day I was feeling a bit girl-power and thought 'why should the only solution be to hide the fact we carry tampons around, we should tell it like it is', and so this project was born. Everything created at Little Things for Good is designed to give back, so these tins are not only an eye catching way to store tampons, they help to provide sanitary stuff for women who need it. If they happen to terrify a few boys in the process, well, that could be fun too!"

Little Things for Good ships worldwide. Head to www.littlethingsforgood.com to get hold of a tampon tin that tells it like it is and help to provide sanitary products for women who need them.

The tampon tins come in four unique designs

The tampon tins come in four unique designs

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