Gambling has been dominated by men since its inception and the establishments created to cater to these needs created an intimidating environment for women. Time is changing though which has been brought about by equal rights groups and new technology. Society has never been so equal before but there is still a long way to go. The online casino and sports betting sector as still lagging behind with regards catering to female gamblers but due to the rise of the female gambler things are starting to change.

Women and gambling are becoming more synonymous in time

Women and gambling are becoming more synonymous in time

In the last before online technology gambling was only carried out in physical establishments which made visiting your local casino problematic. It was not something you could break off and do in your spare time as it meant getting dressed up for the occasion and heading into the city. It also brought a lot of additional costs such as transportation and drinks. Times have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades and now gamblers can play on any device such as a mobile phone that has an internet connection. All of the games can be access instantly such as blackjack, slots, and poker so you do not even need to leave your house to start gambling.

Due to the fact that males have dominated the gambling business, they have focused on what they know best and created environments for men. Woman as a potential customer has been completely overlooked but the thing is changing thanks to the risk of the female gambler. Money talks in the world of gambling and due to more females taking part the casinos have started to take note. Many have even gone as far as setting up online platforms that purely target female gamblers and others have changed their advertising campaign to reach this audience.

The internet has enabled women not to have to deal with the macho environment of betting shops and online casinos. With the number of females gambling increasing at record rates, they are becoming a large percentage of revenue generated. The games attracted by females tend to be online casinos games rather than sports betting. Specialty games such as bingo and online lottery are more popular with females than men.

Gambling is on the increase worldwide and with more females getting involved it will help to change a macho environment into one that suits both sexes. If casinos do not do this they are going to miss out on their share of the multi-billion revenues generated by women. Developers are gradually starting to create more games specifically geared toward women which will help fuel growth further.

Women have been completely ignored by the industry mainly due to the fact that all of the companies are run by men who have no idea about women. Advertising has been geared towards males with scantily clad women and huge cash offers. Over the next decade things should change and with the emergency of eSports, it has brought in more females playing games online than ever before.

Until women's sports get equal showing from broadcasters the balance will always be tilted towards males. Football is a prime example of this in which the female game is ignored. If females are going to dominate the sporting world they need a change in mindset from those at the top so that they start promoting women's sports as much as their male counterparts.


The games and tech industries have been dominated by men with most developers having predominantly male employees. Unless more women can make it to the top of these firms, it will be hard for the changes that are required to make things more inclusive for women to happen. More needs to be done at the high school level to create an interest in technology for women so that it encourages more to pursue it as a career.

Gambling has been one of the most sexist industries in the world but things are changing. Now you will find a large percentage of the top poker players are female and this is growing every year. Addiction remains a problem in the sector which is why more awareness needs to be done to help those females that have become addicted. The tech industry is predominantly male and until that changes, we are always going to see an unequal playing field. With more girls becoming interested in gaming it will hopefully inspire the next generation to enter the industry to help design the future of games