No one likes getting out of a warm bed in the morning, but it's the trauma of actually having to wake up when it's still dark outside that fills most Brits with dread.

Dark miserable mornings during winter months has topped the list of the 50 everyday challenges Brits face, along with constant pestering of PPI calls, getting all the way down the road before realising you've left something at home and your mobile phone battery running out of battery.

In typical British fashion, queuing on the motorway for no apparent reason, making a cup of tea and forgetting about it as well as watching your favourite football team lose were also considered as the key ingredients of a bad day.

The Bovril poll also showed how Brits are victims of their own reputation for being polite and well-mannered, with holding the door open for not one, but ten people, over-apologising (even when you've done nothing wrong), going for one drink at the pub to then get caught in a round out of politeness and people jumping in the queue at the bus stop among everyday hazards endured.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of the top 50 'keep your chin up moments' listed were weather related, with getting caught in the rain without an umbrella, having a wet BBQ, fighting for a spot on any British beach when the sun comes outs and train delays due to 'adverse' weather all making the list of pet peeves.

Also making the list of the trivial things that drive us mad was the battle to eat fish and chips without being attacked by seagulls, being desperate for a cup of tea to find you've got no milk and getting stuck behind slow, selfie-taking tourists on the street.

The poll by Bovril was conducted to celebrate the return of the classic 'Bovril Biker' TV advert, last seen on British screens in 1994 during simpler times when Brits didn't have to worry about their mobile phone batteries dying, or getting hit by a selfie stick.

The advert follows the journey of an unlucky motorcycle delivery driver having a day he'd rather forget, showing him battling bad weather, driving into an open car door and losing his delivery package, only to be comforted by a mug of Bovril at the end of the day.

The much-loved ad returned to screens on Tuesday 1st December during the Coronation Street advert break. Scottish born John Lawson Johnston invented his "Fluid Beef" drink back in the 1870s after winning a contract to supply 1million cans of beef to the French army. This was renamed Bovril in 1886 and so the beefy drink we know and love was born.

Jonathan Roberts, Assistant Brand Manager for Bovril UK said "Bovril is proud to help keep Britons warm and give them the strength to power on through life's challenging moments. Bovril has been helping to keep Britain's chin up since 1886, helping Brits carry on no matter how big or small the adventure."

Arden Sills, star of the original 'Bovril Biker' TV ad said "Over the years so many people have said to me how they loved the ad and remember it so well. I was thrilled to hear such a classic was making a return to our screens."

"When you watch the commercial you feel uplifted and optimistic because the character of the 'Bovril Biker' is so relatable. In our own lives there are times when despite all our best intentions, plans just don't seem to work out. Sometimes you need a little help keeping your chin up - you drink a mug of Bovril and feel energised, rekindled and ready to power on."

The full list of everyday British challenges as polled by Bovril are as follows:

1. Waking up in the morning and it being dark outside

2. Getting pestered on a daily basis by PPI calls

3. Getting all the way down the road before realising you've left something at home

4. Spotting someone in the supermarket you know and actively avoiding them

5. Queuing on the motorway for no apparent reason

6. Trying not to argue with the self-service voice when she keeps telling you there's an unexpected item in the bagging area

7. The fact conversation always come back round to the weather, no matter what time of year

8. Holding the door open for one person and then finding yourself stood there for 10 minutes

9. Phone battery dying just when you need it most

10. Actually remembering whether it's bin day or recycling day

11. Over apologising, even when you've done nothing wrong

12. Getting stuck behind a tall person at the theatre or at a gig

13. Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella

14. Making a cup of tea and forgetting about it

15. Remembering a pound coin for the shopping trolley

16. Politely letting someone else go before you at the bar, only for the bar men to ignore you after

17. Receiving a present from someone that you already have, but are too polite to say

18. Not complaining to the waiter or waitress even if your meal is cold or the wrong order

19. Hating your new haircut, but when the barber/hairdresser asks what you think at the end, you say; 'yeah it's perfect, thanks!'

20. Getting bombarded with constant social media notifications

21. Hoping it will snow all winter/at Christmas, and then moaning at the inconvenience of dealing with it when it does

22. Starting your Christmas shopping in October, if not earlier

23. Getting stuck behind slow, selfie-taking tourists

24. When it rains during your summer BBQ

25. Getting a cup of tea from a colleague and it's not how you like it, but you're too polite to say anything

26. Never actually knowing when to stop wearing your winter coat

27. Watching your football team lose…again

28. Worrying you'll be suspected a thief if you don't purchase something in a shop

29. Attempting to travel to any part of the UK during bank holiday weekend

30. The battle to squeeze onto the train/bus/tube during rush hour

31. When people stand on the wrong side of the escalator

32. Getting an umbrella in the face on a crowded street

33. Getting caught on the phone to a sales person, but are too polite to cut them off

34. Running for the bus, to then miss it!

35. Never ending train delays due to 'adverse weather'

36. Forgetting you've left the tea bag in your mug to find your tea stewed

37. Being desperate for a cup of tea, to find you've got no milk

38. Making jam and toast and it landing on the floor, jam side down

39. Making polite conversation in the lift at work

40. Queuing for the bus for it to then stop at the back of queue, causing total chaos

41. Trying to eat your fish and chips without being attacked by seagulls

42. Never knowing what to do once you've made eye contact with someone on the tube

43. Going for one drink at the pub, but getting caught in a round out of politeness

44. Layering up and then having to strip off on the Tube…then having to put it all back on again

45. Trying to avoid getting sunburnt, even when it's cloudy

46. Going on a short country walk to find yourself on a 10mile hike

47. Accidentally putting too much gravy on your roast dinner and drowning your potatoes

48. Holding your own in the crowd as you search for bargains on black Friday or Christmas sales

49. Putting up a tent in the middle of a storm

50. Fighting for a spot on any British beach the moment the sun comes out

PPI calls came second on the list of every day challenges that Brits face

PPI calls came second on the list of every day challenges that Brits face

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