New Year's resolutions can sometimes get the better of us and this year 'Fail Friday' (22nd of January) is bound to claim most of our aims for the coming year. Acast ( is not about the let that happen.

Director of Content, Adam Martin, has taken a list of the most commonly made New Year's resolutions and handpicked podcasts to help us through the tough days, and power us through the good days. Use these little nuggets of inspiration on the morning commute, while at the gym, or when winding down in the evening.

1. Learn A New Language

Spanishpod101 -

This is the perfect podcast for those who want to learn a new language, or simply want to brush up on their long-forgotten Spanish, learnt at secondary school. What better way to start the year than by learning one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world! With episodes covering vocab builders, natural examples and tips for using the language in everyday life, this podcast is sure to bolster your skills. Soon, you'll be speaking it like a nativo!

2. Exercise And Get In Shape

Lazy Girl Running -

Both inspirational and fascinating, host Laura Fountain discusses everything from the pros and cons of personal trainers to 'beer-running' with her friends. Best classified as the 'non-runners' running guide, this podcast is the tale of a self-described girl 'who skived off PE lessons' and 'came last in the 800 meters on sports day', transforming into an 11-time marathon runner and Level 3 personal trainer. If she can do it, why can't you?

3. Keep In Touch With Old Friends

Call your Girlfriend -

A staple resolution is to get back in touch with long-lost friends, and this podcast should inspire you to follow through! Brought to you by Gina Delvac, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, these long-time long distance American besties discuss anything and everything from emojis to Hilary Clinton, in a witty, warm and welcoming way. A female chat show with a difference, this podcast doesn't hold back when its jumps from serious hard-hitting news to the less serious stuff like rom-coms, menstruation news and Lorde lipstick. You're sure to want to pick the phone up and recommend this to your long-lost bestie!

4. Eat well, Live Well

The Nutrition Diva -

We all make some kind of resolution similar to this almost every year - lose weight, eat better, do more exercise. Well, this podcast is here to help all of us struggling to keep this resolution in 2016. Centred around nutrition and how to eat well, host Monica Renaigel is here to teach you why you should be eating clean, while also answering the important questions like 'is the fruit in sangria healthy?' and 'how much iced tea is too much iced tea?' Abandoning the kale smoothie for real tips that you can easily incorporate into life, this podcast can help to make sure that this year is the year of healthy eating.

5. Laugh More

Oh no Ross and Carrie! -

We all need to laugh a little more, and looking on the brighter side of life is one of the resolutions that comes up again and again. In this podcast, US hosts Ross and Carrie not only report on the weird and wonderful concepts like 'laughter yoga' and 'gorgeous pills,' but they actually go out and experience them. In this hilarious, and at times slightly confusing podcast, this comedic duo let curiosity get the better of them for your listening pleasure. The brighter side of life is kooky, and you're going to love it.

6. Get Out In The World!

Condé Nast Traveller -

Let's face it, we don't get enough holiday from work to be able to whisk ourselves across to the other side of the planet to experience something new - but that doesn't mean that we should stop travelling! Let yourself be transported with this podcast, as the staff of the world famous Condé Nast Traveller describe the wining images of their 'Where are you?' competition and interview the photographer to find out a little more about the place they photographed. Sure to whisk you away to fairy tale places, this podcast can help you dream of your holidays, and may even encourage you to step out of your comfort zone! There are far too many beautiful places in the world, and this podcast can help you visit them all.

7. Save The Pennies, And They'll Become Pounds

Money Girl -

Not all of us are great at managing our money, but 'Money Girl' Laura D. Adams (a personal finance expert) is here to make sure that we don't get scared of our bank balance any more. In these short podcasts, Laura offers tips and tricks to make sure that you're getting your money's worth, and decodes some of the trickier areas of the financial world. With the aim of 'helping you live a richer life,' if anyone can make that bank account smile, its Laura.

8. Expand Your Cultural Horizons

National Theatre Podcasts -

Sometimes getting home and just zoning out in front of the TV isn't enough, and in 2016 this podcast aims to spark our curiosity, and make us think a little more about current events. The National Theatre's live recordings of various performances and talks throughout the year allow you to sit back and reflect whilst keeping your neurons buzzing. With guests such as Danny Boyle, Julie Walters and Andrew Marr, you can experience the theatre in your own home, laugh a little, and learn a lot with this podcast.

9. Pick Up A Book

Made in Sweden: The Podcast of the Father -

Ploughing through that planned pile of books at the end of the year can sometimes be a bit of a disappointment, but podcasts like this one can banish that for you this year! The true-crime craze is almost inescapable at the moment, with Serial in its second season, and hit Netflix show 'Making a Murderer' being all anyone can talk about, so why not delve a little deeper? Based on The Father by Anton Svensson, this podcast reveals a chilling real life story in 6 parts, and answers the question 'How do 3 brothers become Sweden's most wanted criminals?' As narrated by the fourth brother of this fated family, this story is chilling to the core. It'd be a crime to miss it.

10. Relax...

Radio Headspace -

Who said resolutions had to be hard? Designed to help you relax, and teach you how to use mediation to your advantage, this podcast is hosted by the team behind the award winning app, and is sure to help you start and end your day right. With interviews with inspirational people, and dealing with real-life issues such as motivation, overcoming challenges and knowing when to stress and when not to, this podcast might be the meditational secret you've been looking for.

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Listen to these podcasts this New Year

Listen to these podcasts this New Year

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