Photo Credit: James Giddins (via Unsplash)
Photo Credit: James Giddins (via Unsplash)

With the dawning of the New Year came the stoking of the fire that Brits should be afraid of those coming to our shores looking for a safer and better life. We see social media warriors like Katie Hopkins take to their Twitter accounts, a Union Jack draped behind them, banging on about exactly what those seeking asylum in the United Kingdom will get once they arrive.

Then of course we will get those who ask, "why should those new to our country be given all of these benefits when we have ex-servicemen and others homeless and dying on the streets?" To which anybody who can read past a headline and delve into the reality politics can reply, "why should we have to choose?"

They will spout a line about us not being able to afford to house the currently-homeless population of the UK, and so why should we give to those who weren't even born in Britain, but do we really believe the government don't have the money to help those Brits who really are in need?

The Prime Minister is able to cough up a billion pounds for the DUP to prop up a minority Tory-led government, so is it really that we cannot afford to house the homeless? Or is it that it actually works in the government's favour to continue to stoke divisions and keep people on the street, so that they can continue to push through policies that cut benefits, and bring in ideas that don't work? (Universal Credit, for example).

Theresa May isn't an innocent bystander / Photo Credit: babirad/famous
Theresa May isn't an innocent bystander / Photo Credit: babirad/famous

As patriots, shouldn't we be proud that those fleeing war want to come to the UK to seek out a better life? Happy that our country is one that is so accepting of those who really need help?

Immigration is not the enemy. We shouldn't be focusing our collective ire on those who simply don't want to be blown up in the country they were born. Instead, we need to turn our attention to the government who is tossing fuel into the fires of hatred, before sitting back and watching it burn.

Theresa May has been at the head of creating animosity against foreigners for some time. As Home Secretary between 2010-16, she gave the go ahead to send out vans painted with the slogan "Go Home", which even former UKIP leader Nigel Farage described as "unpleasant". She kicked off what would be referred to in 2018 as the Windrush scandal, which saw members of the British public wrongly detained, denied legal rights, threatened with deportation and in a number of cases, wrongly deported from the country.

Now, she sits in Number 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister, leading our country off a cliff-edge with a disastrous attempt at forming some sort of Brexit deal. Let's face it, we're going to get no deal at all if she pushes on.

What would be the perfect distraction from all of this? Being able to bring the public together on hating those who have an accent unique to the ones we're used to.

Fleet Street Fox - who writes for The Mirror - has pointed out exactly why it is not in the government's interest to tell us what's really going on with the Channel migrant crisis. It's worth a read:

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