Some work stress you simply can't avoid, however learning to cope with it when it happens can be the deciding factor between success and failure. Everjobs believes that stress management can impact productivity, motivation and wellbeing of its workers. The steps below are designed to keep your stress levels at bay and stay balanced rather than breaking down.

Are you feeling stressed in the workplace?

Are you feeling stressed in the workplace?


Writing down your worries, thoughts and ideas in a journal can give you some well needed clarity when your mind is clouded. Write without too much concern for spelling and grammar- no one will read it other than you so no one can judge what you write down. Making sense of problems and challenges this way can give you a clear head to move on.


A nine to five job should not mean that you are sitting down for the entire time; you need a 20 minute exercise regime every day. Get up and move around the office, use the stairs and forget the elevator and go and see your colleagues rather than just dropping them an email.

Break it down

Make sure your tasks are manageable by reducing them down to bite sized chunks and tick them off once you're done. There are many online tools to help you prioritize your work so you get the most important things out of the way first such as Wunderlist.

Eat with caution

Constant snacking in your working day may give you a temporary buzz, but this will soon fade and you will feel guilty. Try to channel your cravings into something else, like dropping your friend a text or leaving the office for a little walk at lunch time.

Faking it

Body language is one way people use to gauge what we really think of ourselves. Stand straight with your shoulders back- even at a point when you are not feeling your most confident it gives the impression that you have faith in yourself and therefore others will too.

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