Beached whale

Beached whale

The body of a whale has been located in Cornwall. It is estimated to be twice the length of a London Bus.

The animal was found washed up at Wanson Beach, Widemouth Bay, near Bude.

It has been suggested that it is a Fin Whale of about 60ft in length- such whales can grow up to 90ft at their biggest.

These creatures are the largest species of whale after the blue whale and feature on the list of IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list of threatened species.

Widemouth Task Force has affectionately named the whale Finley.

Ado Sholand, spokesman for Widemouth Task Force, who run beach cleans for the areas posted on his Twitter; “It has been advised that people and animals keep well away from the carcass, as it is a potential hazard. Please do not let your dogs roam freely, keep them on a lead at all times, also take note of the warning signs near the carcass. Most of all enjoy the moment you went to see a whale called Finley on a Cornish beach!"
Marine biologists are currently examining the remains of the body.

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