PhotoBox documents a year in the life of Santa, according to the nation's kids.

With just 15 days to go until Santa's busiest day of the year, have you ever wondered how he spends the other 364 days? Well, the experts have spoken - and according to the nation's children, over a fifth (21%) of 5-8 year olds think he loves tucking into fish and chips, nearly a fifth (16%) thinks he spends Halloween dressed as a pumpkin and a quarter (24%) thinks his favourite Sunday Roast companion is the Tooth Fairy.

The light-hearted festive poll was commissioned by photo gifting service PhotoBox, who print customer photos onto a wide range of products, including photo books, canvases and calendars to name a few. They asked children to describe what they think Santa does when he's finished delivering their presents, and the results were magical. According to the children, whilst December is a given, Santa's January is spent fast asleep next to the glowing embers of a cosy log fire (69%), teddy in hand. Santa feels revived by February, when our unlikely romantic only has thoughts for Mrs Claus, and can be found pouring his heart out into love letters for his one and only (72%).

Santa's known to be particularly secretive of his age, but children have exclusively revealed that he spends his birthday just like them - gorging on yummy ice cream (36%). When he's not scoffing sugary delights, he's digging into his number one dish, hearty fish and chips (21%) - but similarly to the kids, he finds broccoli harder to swallow (only 3% thinks he enjoys it!) And what better beverage to wash it down with than his favourite tipple - a chilled beer (26%)?

In his downtime, Santa partakes in a couple of unexpected hobbies when he's not 'chilling out with the elves', including:

Singing (42%)

Colouring in (27%)

Baking (25%)

Shopping (20%)

Skateboarding (12%)

Bungee jumping (6%)

Inspired by the findings, PhotoBox has captured Mr Claus throughout the year, and has made the beautiful images available to download online, with each month depicting the hilarious descriptions and runaway imaginations of the nation's children.

If his life had taken a different route, Santa's other career option would have been a postman (8%); he's evidently a man who likes delivering things! Always trying to reduce his sleigh's hefty carbon footprint, Santa writes his 'naughty or nice' list with a pen and recyclable paper (39%); his responsible note-taking saving a multitude of trees around the globe every year.

The survey revealed that Santa is also a little partial to dressing up, with his favourite Halloween costume being a pumpkin (16%). Not long after, he enjoys Bonfire Night in full swing, with a quarter (25%) of little ones informing us that he 'Oohhs and Aahhs' at the colours of the pretty sparklers. Perhaps they remind him of the impending fairy lights and candlelit choirs on the way?

On learning how our favourite festive fellow spends his year, Robert May, UK Managing Director of PhotoBox, comments "It's been great fun delving in to kids' imaginations to create our calendar of Santa's year. We love helping people use their favourite photos to create an extra special gift for their loved ones, and with our personalised calendars, their favourite moments can be enjoyed every day of the year. We might even leave this one out for Santa to give to Mrs Claus as a special treat!"

To download Santa's photos for the year ahead and get started on your own personalised calendar, visit: or download the PhotoBox apps from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

What does Santa do for the other 364 days of the year?

What does Santa do for the other 364 days of the year?

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