Picture Credit: Omar Houchaimi from Pexels
Picture Credit: Omar Houchaimi from Pexels

With the arrival of online casinos, the global gambling industry has expanded to an impressive extent. As the industry has grown, so has the role of women in it. There has been a great influx of women players, employees, and even entrepreneurs in the gambling industry. From website developers to casino owners, women have gained a prominent position in the industry. The role of women has become very prominent in both land-based and online gambing industry.

Malta, one of Europe’s largest iGaming hubs, currently employs more than 2,500 women which constitutes 43% of the total workforce of the industry. Moreover, 28% of boardroom positions belong to women which is above the national averages of the United States and the United Kingdom.

What was once deemed as a man’s world has now become a woman’s world too. Women have successfully penetrated all sectors of the gambling industry. The number of female players has skyrocketed as compared to the past.

The time-honoured beliefs associated with gambling affected women more than it affected men. However, the effects of those long-established beliefs have seemed to be tailing off as women represent half of the international iGaming player population. The number is projected to grow more rapidly in the coming years. Here’s a brief overview of how the role of women in the gambling industry evolved over the years.

Women as players

With the expansion of the online gambling industry, the number of players in surplus grew greatly in the last few years. The iGaming industry became even more popular after the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic which engendered a worldwide lockdown, shutting land-based casinos and forcing players to shift to online gambling. Many people chose to play on casinos with Gamstop. If you are looking to play on non-Gamstop casinos, you can visit http://casinosnotongamstop.com.

The increased popularity of iGaming led to the increased prominence of women in the gambling industry. The sharp increase in the number of women players came to people’s attention when several studies conducted on gaming concluded that gender stereotypes pertaining to gambling are changing. Most studies pointed out that the dramatic increase of women players in the iGaming industry is a turning point for the global gambling industry. A few studies shed light on how the role of women in traditional casino gambling is still deemed unorthodox by a significant part of the global community.

Nonetheless, the number of female players in all major gambling playgrounds across the world has grown. According to the Swedish online gambling regulator, 61% of the total players who engaged in online gambling in Sweden were women. Similarly, 43% of online players in the United Kingdom in 2019 were women, as reported by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Women as employees

According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the number of female employees in the UK’s gambling industry has increased significantly in the past few years. From software development to marketing, women are serving in all domains in the gambling industry. Two of the most prominent women who are leading the software development domain of the gambling industry are Ebba Arnred (Chief Marketing Officer, Play’n GO) and Lydia Barbara (Head of Innovation Strategy at Microgaming, formerly.