Johnny Depp's daughter Lily is likely to think her father can do no wrong

Johnny Depp's daughter Lily is likely to think her father can do no wrong

Choosing a particular baby name can now determine which of the parents that child will favour.

A new study has revealed that certain names can suggest whether they will be a mummy's boy or a daddy's girl.

Celebrity mums Sara Cox and Coleen Nolan are in good company because it revealed that little lads bearing the name Isaac or Jake are most likely to be mummy's boys'.

Other boys names which are likely to have mum wrapped around their little finger are Alexander, Max, Finlay and Oliver.

Children bearing these monikers are more likely to run to mum when they hurt themselves, confide in her when they are upset, and typically run to her for the final say.

Lisa Penney, spokesmum for, which polled 3,000 mums, says: "Boys can love their dads dearly, but it is natural to run to mum as they can be the ones who are a bit softer on their sons. The relationship with dad can be just as strong and special, but more playful rather than one of safety and comfort."

Little boys called Charlie, Ethan and Lucas are also more likely to be mollycoddled by mum, and awarded lots of attention. The report shows mummy’s boys share more kisses and cuddles with mum and are more likely to turn on the tears with her knowing they’ll get a quick response.

But dads like Johnny Depp and Steven Gerrard needn’t worry, as the study also identifies the most common monikers of Daddy’s girls. Daughters named Lily, Hannah and Chloe are most likely to hang off dad’s every word.

Lisa Penney continues: “It is well known that dads can feel protective of their little girls. Dads can feel more comfortable about letting their little boys pick themselves up if they hurt themselves, and often allow them to experience the big wide world a bit earlier than their little girls.

Interestingly, the survey results show that eight in 10 mums and seven in 10 dads don’t believe their children are any closer to either parent. And only 17 per cent of parents admit to feeling closer to one of their children than another. But just over a third say their children will automatically go running to the other parent if they get a telling off.

1. Isaac
2. Jake
3. Alexander
4. Max
5. Finlay
6. Luke
7. Oliver
8. Charlie
9. Ethan
10. Lucas

1. Lily
2. Hannah
3. Chloe
4. Ava
5. Caitlin
6. Abbie
7. Amelie
8. Holly
9. Ella
10. Charlotte

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