Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy

With the back to school routine in full swing, the old morning school run has started up in towns and cities around Britain as parents stressfully try and herd the little ones into cars, before battling traffic jams and the clock to get their kids to school on time.

And while parents might not enjoy this morning routine, a new study has found children themselves dread the car ride to school just as much, if not more than mum and dad, with two in 10 children saying they dread the school run and find it stressful.

Well over a third of kids would prefer to make their way to school on their bikes if they were given the choice and 40% wish they could cycle to school with their friends.

Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy knows all about the joy of cycling and he’s joined with Highland Spring to launch a campaign to educate parents and children about the physical and mental benefits of biking to school.

In the following video he shares his insights and gives his top tips on how parents can keep their kids safe on the ride to school.

We also talk to kids themselves about why cycling to school puts them in a better frame of mind for the day ahead.

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