Every year we see a flurry of tips for ways families can cut back on spending and still have a great Christmas. Group Gifting is the latest trend taking the spotlight for families to give and get the gifts they really want without breaking the bank.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

By sharing the cost of gifts with friends and family, kids and adults alike can get and give the gifts they really want. UK-based website, Shareagift.com, provides a great online service to do this by letting users create a Gift Page on the site and send it to friends and family anywhere in the world to chip in.

For parents it’s a brilliant way to afford that must-have gift for their son or daughter – often expensive consumer electronics or games consoles that fall outside the family budget. For other members of the family it’s a great way to ask for the gift you really want without feeling you’re asking too much.

Shareagift have seen their site used for some amazing Christmas gifts – from iPads and digital cameras, to designer handbags and wing walking experiences. The company has already seen users starting group gift funds on their site for Christmas gifts with three quarters of Gift Pages created for laptop computers or tablets, including the iPad mini.

So while the consumer shift to holiday shopping online increases, and pricey consumer electronics continue to be the most coveted Christmas gift items, group gifting online provides the ideal answer to the perfect present.

For more information or ideas on group gifting, go to www.shareagift.com

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