Action for Children is searching the UK; it's looking for people across the 4 nations who have the ability to stick with us to help children. We call it stickability. We discovered that one in four UK children in foster care have moved twice or more in just one year. We don't think this is good enough.

Action For Children

Action For Children

We all know how traumatising moving home is, let alone moving families. Stickability is what it takes to stop this happening to our children. It's what you need to provide a child or young person with a safe and loving home. If you think have it, we want to find you.

It is a pretty special quality that all our foster carers have. Do you have it too?

We are looking for:

Staying power


Inquisitive mind

Can do approach to life

Kindness of heart

And the ability to see the child for who they are and who they could be.

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Our carers and children tell us that having someone in their lives that sticks with them through thick and thin is life changing. Can you imagine having no-one who sticks by you? The effects of this are life changing. That's why Action for Children is looking for people who have stickability to join our team of foster carers.

Being an expert in giving children stable loving homes, and being one of the oldest children's charities in the UK, we recognise stickability, because we have it too. We are determined that every one of our children has stability. By finding people like you, we can work together to make a difference to children in foster families.

Does this sound like you? Do your friends show these qualities? Get in touch with Action for Children, act now and take the first step to making a difference to a child's life. It could just be the best thing you ever do.

Get in touch.

Not sure if you have the 'stickability' factor? Our fun quiz will help you see if you have what it takes.

For an information pack on becoming a foster care visit