Aquafresh has launched a new Bamboo for Kids toothbrush, helping eco-conscious families make the swap to brush sustainably.

Aquafresh switch to bamboo for kids

Aquafresh switch to bamboo for kids

Perfect for kids aged 6+ with a smile of both little and big teeth, the toothbrush has interdental bristles that are end-rounded, designed to be softer on gums.

The Aquafresh Kids’ Bamboo toothbrush is ideal for families who want to do their bit to help the environment, even when brushing their teeth. Not only is the handle made from bamboo, but the bristles are sourced from renewable materials, combining sustainability with kids’ oral health expertise. To further motivate kids to brush their teeth, the toothbrush comes in two fun colours with its packaging being 100% plastic free and biodegradable.

The Aquafresh Bamboo for Kids toothbrush is available in Waitrose from 20th April for just £4.00.

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