Helen Glover is working with Babybel
Helen Glover is working with Babybel

Now that the kids are back to school, parents are looking to the internet for inspiration when it comes to putting together their packed lunches. Recent statistics showed that Google searches for the phrase ‘school lunches’ have increased by a huge 733%, so Babybel have enlisted the help of Helen Glover and Eats Amazing to try and inspire an exciting new generation of creative lunches.

The research also showed that parents will spend an immense 4,082 minutes per year on average making packed lunches, which is a huge 68 hours a year or, an hour and 18 minutes each week.

With so much time spent prepping and planning, it's little wonder that more than half (51%) of the parents asked admit it can be stressful when shopping for packed lunch products.

Two-time Olympic champion and mother of three, Helen Glover comments: “Every day since I’ve got back from Tokyo, I’ve asked myself how on earth I managed to train for the Olympics with three little ones. As a family we’re all extremely grateful and excited to be returning to more regular routines but after an extended period at home I definitely need to be more organised and remember to take crucial things with me when I leave the house.

“For me the key to balancing my busy lifestyle with healthy family routines is to find simple ways of making exercise, food and even chores fun – getting the kids involved, creating imaginative games and choosing satisfying and healthy snacks that the whole family enjoy. that’s why I’m delighted to be partnering with Babybel to launch their ‘Snack Together Again’ campaign.”

Hoping to inspire those looking after little ones, Eats Amazing have put together some simple recipes that you can try at home!

Monster Fruit Pots

Chop up some fresh fruit or veg, pop into tubs or jars and top with monster Mini Babybel cheeses! To make the monsters, unwrap the cheeses, pull off the central tab and push googly eyes into the wax. Pop them on cocktail sticks and use them to top tubs of fruit or veggies!

Ready Sliced Apples

Transfer apples ready sliced by carefully slicing (I used an apple slicer to get even slices) then pushing straight back together and securing in place with an elastic band. Serve with a mini Babybel cheese for a filling snack that will keep the kids going until dinner time!

Mini Star Sandwiches

Treat your little star to some mini sandwiches – cut them into shape with cookie cutters. Serve with a mini Babybel cheese decorated with a star cut from the wax – you can do that by hand or use a mini cutter.

Veggie Stick Flowers

Pop a spoonful of hummus in the bottom of a small glass or tub, then top with veggie sticks, ready for dipping. Finish with mini Babybel cheeses, with flowers cut from the wax to decorate.

Apple Donuts

Apple Donuts
Apple Donuts

Slice an apple into rounds, then remove the cores so that you have apple rings. Spread with peanut butter and scatter with dried fruit and nuts of your choice. Serve with mini Babybel donuts – to make, remove all packaging and wax from the cheese. Cut a circle from the centre and dip into seeds for the donut ‘sprinkles’, then serve immediately.

Oat Cakes

Pop some oat cakes, crackers or rice cakes into snack bags for a super quick and easy snack on the go. Add mini Babybel cheeses, cutting shapes from the wax to decorate for extra fun.

If you're looking for more 'Hack to School' ideas to make life a little easier as we move into the colder months, then visit the official Babybel Instagram page @Babybel.uk, where parents and experts will share their top tips throughout September.

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