Best Snacks for Babies and Toddlers

Best Snacks for Babies and Toddlers

Snacking is an important part of a child’s development but it’s essential that the snacks you’re providing them with are healthy and nutritious.

We’ve taken a look at the best snacks available for babies and toddlers and brought them to you – enjoy!

Heinz Farley's Original Rusks

When you think of baby snacks, Farley’s Rusks are the first that spring to mind. They’re popular not only with parents, but also with kids because they’re delicious!

You can start your kids with them from 4 months old and keep them on them for as long as you like.

They’re an ideal snack as they come in a box and can be taken anywhere with you. They’re not messy and act as the perfect pick me up for drained little ones!

Munch Bunch Jelly Delight

This acts as a delicious snack or dessert for young children as it combines two much loved ingredients.

There is a yummy layer of fromage frais, topped with a real fruit juice jelly, making it the perfect combination for young children.

It's also just won an award for the best children's dessert from lovebyparents!

Organix Carrot Cake Soft Oaty Bars

If your child is hitting the one year mark and needs something a little extra to get their teeth into then these bars are perfect.

They’re not the mushy stuff that’s perfect for younger children, but they’re soft enough for their delicate teeth and mouths.

They’re packed full of oats, apple and carrot juice and promise to be junk free and entirely organic!

Plum Baby Spelt and Raspberry Fingers

These are a great, tasty and healthy snack for your child to take with you on the go and kill their hunger.

They’re organic and full of raspberry and spelt syrup which makes the extra tasty without being unhealthy.

These are ideal for your child from 7 months or at stage two of their development.

Ella's Rice Pudding with Mangoes & Apples

This delicious rice pudding with mangoes and apples brings a creamy, fruity delight to meal times and is perfect for dessert.

It can also be used as a snack to beat and hunger pangs when you’re on the go and are great for picnics.

They’re ideal as the handy pouch reduces any mess and is easy for your child to use!

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