Parents are expect to dig deep this Easter to keep the kids entertained.

Parents are expect to dig deep this Easter to keep the kids entertained.

Parent are expected to spend £2 billion this Easter as holiday resorts across the country are preparing for an influx of half-term visitors.

The average British parents will fork out £475.20 over the holidays to keep the kids entertained, with the most popular choice being a short Easter getaway.

Research by Travelodge asked 2,500 parents about their plans and over a third revealed they are looking forward to taking a short staycation break in the UK.

Shakila Ahmen, from the company, said: ‘Keeping the children entertained over the Easter school holidays is no easy task and this year, parents are certainly investing in an Easter Staycation short break, as we have seen a double digit increase in sales.’

With holidaying on home soil making a comeback, it’s a battle between seaside, city and sheep when choosing a destination.

The survey crowns the jewel of the North West, Blackpool as the favourite staycation destination this Easter, burying the competition to clinch the top spot.

Top 20 Staycation Destinations

1. Blackpool                        11.North Wales

2. London                           12.South Wales

3. Birmingham                     13.Liverpool

4. Cornwall                          14.Bristol

5. Brighton                          15.Norfolk Broads

6. Cardiff                             16.Scarborough

7. Devon                             17.Newcaslte

8. Bath                                18.Great Yarmouth

9. Edinburgh                       19.Bournemouth

10. Lake District                  20.Clacton on Sea

Parents will spend on average £321.53 on their Easter trip.

37% of families will visit the British seaside in the upcoming weeks; whilst over a quarter will venture to the city on a short break and 14% escaping to the countryside.

Over half of parents felt it is important for their children to be aware of the great holiday destinations right on their doorsteps. With a quarter of grown-ups revealing their best holiday memories were harboured in the UK.

Driving the decision to explore the hidden gems of the UK is the rising cost of holidaying abroad in the school holidays. Four out of ten parents explained that staycation short breaks offer the best value for money way to keep their children entertained.

Almost of quarter of parents have taken to the internet as the new coupon craze eases the pressure on mum’s purse. The average bargain hunter will spend at least three hours a week looking for money off vouchers to try control their Easter holiday spending.

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