Cameron Diaz has hit back at reports suggesting she has ruled out becoming a mom, insisting her comments have been taken out of context.

But she insists she's not short of experience around young kids - she has become a favorite auntie

The Other Woman star admits she is often asked about motherhood, but recent remarks she made in one interview were misrepresented.

Diaz tells WENN, "I've never said I didn't want kids... I said, 'I haven't had children thus far'. That sort of thing just kind of gets snipped up. The reason that I haven't had kids so far is because I realize when you have children it takes up a large part of your life and, for whatever reason, I haven't had children".

Diaz, who is currently dating rocker Benji Madden, adds, "I've always said if I wanted to have children in my life prior to this, I would've had children in my life. But I'm not opposed to children. I've always said I'm totally open to having children in my life. I'm not the person who's out there saying, 'I have to have children. I'm going to make this happen'. It's just not been what's driven me. I believe that children come into your life if they're meant to and I have so many children in my life".

But she insists she's not short of experience around young kids - she has become a favorite auntie.

Diaz adds, "I have three nieces and a nephew. I have all of my friends' kids who I'm really close to and I'm a part of their upbringing and their nurturing. I'm part of the tribe in the village that brings up children. We all know that's what it takes. I'm so blessed to be a part of those villages. "I feel honored to impart anything I can and have any experience with the children in my life.

If I'm meant to have a child that is my full responsibility, I am totally open to how that's supposed to happen.

If I adopt.

If I'm in a relationship with somebody who has children.

If I win them in a lottery! Whatever it is, that's OK".

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