We couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to visit the Chill Factore than in the current heatwave!

Chill Factore Review

Chill Factore Review

As soon as we arrived we were shown to the clothes hire section in the changing village and were quickly kitted out with coats, pants, helmets and boots.

As the doors opened for us start our activities we all gasped as a welcome blast of cold air met us.

The staff spoke to us in a small group and explained the activities we could try which included the Snow Carver, Sledging, Tubing, Luge Ice Slide and the Snow Zipper. 

As soon as this finished we were off racing up the hill to grab sledges to whizz down the slopes!

The Snow Carvers were really fun as you were able to dodge and weave down the slope. The kids liked Tubing which is basically a huge rubber ring with handles. They could race each other as there are a few lanes.

They also discovered that the staff would spin the ring as you set off making it even more exiting!

The Luge ice slide was fast and the advice to' keep your elbows tucked in' was much needed and appreciated.

It was also lovely to see people of all ages being catered for and really having fun.

The newest addition to the Chill Factore is the Snow Play Carousel for the younger guests aged up to eight.

The children sit on mini rubber rings and are fastened on to the Carousel and gently twirled round. They also have miniature sledges and lots of soft play blocks all set amongst the snow.

We had a fantastic time and cannot wait to return!

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