Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Sarah’s 6 top tips for saving this Christmas:

1. Start your Christmas food shopping early, don’t save it all until the last minute, a few things that are already available in Morrisons include frozen turkeys, mince pies, party foods, frozen desserts, snacks such as Morrisons Mince Pie Popcorn and Christmas puddings.

2. Start making the Christmas dinner in early December to spread the cost and the workload. Soup for starters and Christmas pudding ice-cream are made well in advance and frozen. Also frozen turkeys are just as good as fresh ones but so much cheaper.

3. If you’re having a big family Christmas with lots of adult guests, have a “secret Santa” and tell everyone to bring just one grown-up present, setting a maximum price too.

4. Before you start buying presents for your family, have a clear out and sell some of the toys and games that your children don’t play with anymore. You’ll not only be making some money to pay towards the presents, but clearing some space for them too.

5. Why not buy your friends gift cards for Christmas? Morrisons has a Fuel Saver scheme which gives you 1p off every litre of fuel for a £10 gift card, rising to 6p off if you spend £60.

6. If you go out to work, make a packed lunch every day between now and Christmas. Missing out on those shop-bought sandwiches will save you more than £100 by December 25.

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