Christmas Eve boxes seem to be gathering more and more momentum with each year that passes, so if you want to start this tradition as well and have a toddler in your house here are some ideas to pop in their little box...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Pyjamas: There is nothing like the feeling of slipping into a pair of festive pjs on Christmas Eve, so you could get your toddler a special pair for the event and they won’t feel left out while you are adorned in candy canes and snowflakes! 

Slippers: New pjs wouldn’t be complete without a pair of slippers too so you could buy ones that match the pjs or that are suitably Christmassy to keep their little toes warm while it’s chilly outside. 

A tree decoration: A wonderful curtain raiser to Christmas is putting the final touches to the tree, so let your little one be part of the process. 

Novelty Sweetie Decoration, available at for £12.50
Novelty Sweetie Decoration, available at for £12.50

Small stuffed animal: While your toddler gets all cosy in their new attire, a little stuffed toy to keep them company would be a lovely addition while you all cuddle up together and watch a Christmas movie.

A treat: A little bit of something sweet if they have been good is praise for their behaviour and may stop them from indulging too much the next day. Some homemade cookies or a toddler sized chocolate could be just the ticket. 

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A key for Santa: If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, a key is his next best way for Santa to get in so why not give your toddler the magic key in their Christmas Eve box so it’s their job to leave it out for Father Christmas himself?

Christmas window stickers: Toddlers need something to keep them entertained all the time and especially on the eve of Christmas they might get a little more impatient than normal. A simple activity like putting some stickers on the windows will help keep their mind occupied and their excitement at bay. 

A Christmas duvet set: One step up from wearing something festive is to wriggle into a bed that is decorated with all things to do with Christmas and it might make your little one want to go to bed if they see a new and colourful duvet cover on their bed. 

Reindeer food: Again make it their responsibility to put the things out for Santa and his reindeer, so along with the key, they can also lay out some reindeer food to help Rudolph recoup his energy levels!

Mince pies: The plate for Santa would not be complete without some mince pieces too, so if you pack some in your toddler’s box, they can pop these on the plate with the rest of the things Santa will need for his visit.

Merry Christmas to all the parents of toddlers out there! 

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