About one in every eight women suffer from depression in their lifetime. Depression hit me when I was 22, shortly after the birth of my eldest son, Harry. As much as depression floored me, I truly believe it has made me stronger and the bouts that I have suffered since have taught me to make the most out of life.

Not being able to leave the house, fearing the worst and persistent negative thoughts are all very frightening and I can truly empathise with others who have suffered or who are currently suffering.

As hard as it was, with the help of counselling and medication, I got it under control. Unfortunately I suffered again with my second child, Charlie but thankfully not as severely. This may be down to having started work on my business idea, babyballet. I was so passionate about the classes and my vision was so strong that it gave me a focus and determination to dig deep and carry on.

I do feel that depression is a topic that people are starting to talk more openly about without it being as taboo. Originally I felt like a failure for having depression and was ashamed and embarrassed but knowing how common it is, I now feel ok to talk about it as I would if I had a cold or broken bone.

Hopefully the less taboo the subject becomes, the more people who suffer will feel comfortable in seeking help and advice in order to get them back on track and enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer.