For a long time now women have felt the pressures of combining careers with raising children and with a rising percentage of mothers who work, the ultimate work/family life balance is a hot topic. When I began babyballet never did I intend nor believe it would grow and develop into the company it is today, with 70 franchises across the country - 80% of whom are working mums!

I was driven by my passion for the concept and the demand for the classes - I didn't really think through the balancing of my family life and expanding the business when I started. For me, I just figured it out as I went along and did what worked for me. Although the business was growing, there was no way that I would let it be at the expense of jeopardising my children's happiness. I make sure that both I, and the team at work, don't miss out on important events in our children's lives such as special assemblies, events and shows because we are working.

Having four children and a business, it's crucial that I try and maintain a healthy balance that works for me, my family and my business. Work/ family life balance can be a struggle at times so I make sure that I regularly readdress the balance to try and keep it all in check. Ultimately I feel it's important that every mum does what is right for her and her family/work life.

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