Claire Sweeney has launched 'Results with Bump' with Lucy Mecklenburgh, who initially launched 'Results with Lucy', the leading online fitness platform. 

'Results with Bump' is the first online antenatal fitness platform dedicated to helping pregnant women live a healthy lifestyle, maintain their wellbeing and exercise safely and efficiently.

Claire Sweeney using 'Results with Bump'

With regularly updated workouts designed for expectant mums from as early as two weeks up to 40 weeks, stretch and relaxation programmes, trimester-specific tips and advice from their resident midwife, 'Results with Bump' is the ideal fitness and wellbeing partner for mums-to-be.


Claire is due to give birth to her first child next month and chats with us about being healthy and active during pregnancy and the joy of expecting her first child.

Hi Claire! You are launching ‘Results with Bump’ to help pregnant women stay fit and healthy. Could you tell us a little more about this?

I enjoy yoga and Pilates and exercsie regularly but in my first trimester I didn’t want to exercise as I have lost two babies, so I was frightened and I wrapped myself up in cotton wool. I wanted to do something that would work for pregnant women who felt the way I did about exercise. ‘Results with Bump’ exercises are baby friendly. Yoga is completely different when you’re pregnant, you’ve got to change certain exercises that are suitable. ‘Results with Bump’ is great for women- you can go on the website for exercise ideas and I also give my own personal tips of my experiences through the pregnancy as well as advice about nutrition.

What are the benefits of using ‘Results with Bump’ for pregnant women?

I’m having a C-section so it’s important to stay fit and healthy but also to stay mobile. It’s only gentle exercises. I was having trouble with my hips and my pelvis but I was given suitable exercises from ‘Results with Bump’ and they are great and i can see and feel the differences.

How is ‘Results with Bump’ different to going to the gym?

‘Results with Bump’ is about flexibility and strength. You can’t be doing sit-ups, particularly when your bump begins to show and you have to be careful. I wanted to focus on my legs so I’ve been doing a lot of walking and swimming. The exercises help to stretch out your muscles. Strengthening your arms, stretching your legs and just building your strength with ‘Results with Bump’ is a great way to keep healthy throughout your pregnancy.

What type of exercises do you do with ‘Results with Bump’?

I’ve exercised all my life but as I’m pregnant I was scared, at first, to start exercising again. I was onto my second trimester and I tried out a body balance class. The instincts that kicked in were amazing, I thought ‘it doesn’t feel right doing this’ so when I got home it said ‘under no circumstances do this while pregnant’. So ‘Results with Bump’ not only provides exercises which are suitable for pregnant women but also offers a helping hand and guides you on the right path. The videos on the ‘Results with Bump’ website, which explains the routines and exercises, shows myself doing the exercises, even if I make a mistake it gets explained and then rectified which is great as it highlights to pregnant women what is wrong and how they can be aware of it next time.


Why is it important for pregnant women to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It’s not just for you, it’s for the baby. As they say ‘you are what you eat’. It’s all about getting the nutrients. I take all my vitamins. ‘Results with Bump’ also provide tips for your diet too. It helps make pregnancy that little bit easier and healthier.

Some pregnant women are known to have cravings for fatty foods. What advice can you give to women to ensure that they get the balance right?

The first trimester I was healthy, second trimester I craved pizza and anything fatty. But everyone around me was telling me to eat it, saying that I could as I’m pregnant. It’s the time were you can relax a little and not calorie count, but it’s just about making sure you get the nutrients and stay healthy and deciding what’s best for the baby and you. It’s also about health and wellbeing.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re due to give birth next month- How have you prepared yourself for motherhood?

I’ve bought everything (laughs). I had a lovely baby shower and all my friends were very generous. I read EVERYTHNIG there is to read. With the website, I thought it was a good idea to give my tips and talk about being pregnant. But you can only be so prepared and wait until the birth and go from there.

How has ‘Results with Bump’ helped you during your pregnancy?

It’s been great! I’m bigger now but I can still continue with the exercises. I can use my big Pilates ball to keep my legs moving. ‘Results with Bump’ has not just been great for the exercises but also with the diet.

What’s next on the agenda?

I will be doing pantomime at the Liverpool Empire at Christmas and I’ve got my show that I wrote with my friend and will be out sometime next year but first I’m going to enjoy motherhood.

Claire Sweeney is the leading lady of Results with Bump, the first online antenatal fitness and wellbeing platform dedicated to helping pregnant women live a healthy lifestyle while their expecting.









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