Celebrity MasterChef semi-finalist and mother of four Sheree Murphy has created a series of short but informative recipe videos to help guide mum through each stage of their weaning journey. She says "Weaning is such a fun stage for both you and your baby. I know at first with my little ones, most of what I used to make would end up on the floor but that's ok - it's a learning curve for you both! For me the most important thing was making sure my babies were getting everything they needed from the food I was cooking them. That's why in partnership with SMA Nutrition, I've created these six easy and delicious recipes - they are simple and taste great."

The videos guide mums through each stage of weaning whilst highlighting the importance of essential vitamins and minerals including Iron, Omega-3 and 6 and Vitamin D. Weaning can be an exciting time for both mum and baby, exploring new tastes and textures whilst learning your little ones likes and dislikes, however, no matter how well you plan, trying new things isn't always going to be easy.

The videos are grouped into three stages, covering first foods (fruit purees and smoothies), introducing them to different tastes and textures (including meat and fish) and how to introduce your baby to eating with the family when they are out and about.

SMA Nutrition, adds "Introducing nutritious foods to babies' diets is needed to support their continued growth and development as they become more active, but it can be hard to know if your baby is getting the right amount of nutrients. SMA® Follow-on Milk complements the weaning diet, helping to provide nutrients such as Iron and Vitamin D while you both have fun experimenting with new foods."

SMA Follow-on-Milk with NUTRI-STEPS™ is specially formulated with Iron to help support normal cognitive development, Vitamin D & Calcium to help support the normal growth and development of bones and Omega 3 and 6. SMA Follow-on Milk is for babies over 6 months, as part of a varied weaning diet. Not intended to replace breastfeeding.

The videos are now live on the SMA Nutrition's YouTube channel, you can view it here:

Come & Wean With SMA & Sheree Murphy

Come & Wean With SMA & Sheree Murphy

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