A lot of people won’t be able to see their mum this Mother’s Day because of the Coronavirus and the advice to self isolate. If you are in this position and can’t give a present to your mum in person, here are some alternative gift ideas, some of which are very useful for a prolonged period indoors…

Mother's Day on Female First

Mother's Day on Female First

Flowers: A classic choice, but also one you can have delivered on your behalf with a heartfelt message like ‘sorry I can’t be with you’. Delivery services offer budget friendly options and if you have a bit more to spend more expensive bouquets too which will no doubt cheer her up in your absence. 

The Emma, perfectly matched with the Apricot Hand-Tied (from £50)

The one for all the super cool mums out there, just like Emma Willis, who’ve probably passed along their fantastically laid-back approach to life and their excellent taste in music to you as well. The Apricot Hand-Tied is a wonderfully whimsical bunch of blooms, brimming with extra-ordinary flowers including peach and lilac roses, red antirrhinums and blue veronica – perfect for those effortlessly cool mums.


A Readly subscription: If your mum regularly buys magazines, you could get her a Readly app subscription so she can have access to all her favourites and more. Or pay for a six month or year’s worth subscription to her favourite magazine to be delivered to her door with a personalised note inside so she doesn’t have to pop to the shop to get it. 

Vouchers: Vouchers are a great idea as they can be sent over email. You could get her one for her favourite store so she can do some online shopping from the comfort of her own home. From clothes shops, homeware stores to Amazon, there is an option to suit all mums depending on her individual taste. 

An Audible subscription: If you mum is an avid reader, you could get her an Audible subscription so she can listen to all the books she’s been meaning to read while doing other things around the home. Perfect for listening to while doing indoor activities like taking baths, exercising and cooking and as a distraction from chores like ironing, cleaning and putting in the washing! 

A streaming service subscription: One thing is certain- self isolation and TV watching go hand in hand, so a subscription to Now TV, Amazon Prime or Netflix could be just the ticket so she has something to watch other than news updates. 

Chocolates: There are lots of shops that will deliver chocolates straight to your mum’s door- Thorntons, Marks and Spencers and Hotel Chocolat (to name just a few) all offer a delivery service on their products, so if your mum has a sweet tooth, make sure she has something lovely to tuck into on the day. One plus of not seeing her is you can’t pinch any of them!  

A beauty hamper: If she is going to be staying indoors more, it’s the ideal time for some pampering so why not have a hamper of your mum’s favourite products sent to her home? That way she can have a spa experience from the comfort of her own space courtesy of you!

BONUS: Plant a tree in her name: Tree-Nation is a global reforestation platform and since its inception has planted over 5 million trees worldwide, from 300 different species of tree across 70 different reforestation projects. Each tree planted by Tree-Nation has its own unique URL code which means recipients can track the growth and evolution of their tree online throughout its life and find out information about the tree’s species, location and CO2 compensation values.


Sending our love to all those who won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day together xx

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