Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

We all know Dad's can be clowns and can make us giggle at the best of times. So Following the results of a 1000 children who were surveyed about which parent was the most 

embarrassing on holiday and why, bought about the following results showing no-so cool‘dad dancing’ as the most disturbing and embarrassing moment for children, with 22% of the vote. In a close second, one in five cringing children claim that their dad doesn't act his age on holiday and 19% claim he tries to act ‘cool’, only to fail miserably.

Mums did not get away unscathed though as it was found that, mums still manage to embarrass their kids abroad, with 14% of youngsters saying mum kissing dad in public embarrasses them the most. Bad dance moves also seem to be a shared trait, with 13% of kids left squirming with embarrassment at the sight of mum on the dance floor.

“Our research has also found that kids get increasingly embarrassed by their parents as they get older. However, parents looking for a harmonious family break will no doubt welcome the news that the cringe factor reduces from 15 years of age.”

Saima Omar @Lookitssaima

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