With reports showing that four in ten pupils have had little contact with teachers during lockdowni, and with parents having to juggle home schooling and work for over 100 days, it’s not been easy keeping kids entertained and engaged in learning. 

Arla Farmer, Neil Dyson

Arla Farmer, Neil Dyson

With the school holidays looming, parents across the UK are likely struggling to think of fresh and engaging ways to keep their kids entertained over the summer months.  

To help save parents’ sanity and inspire young children to think about where their food is coming from, farmer-owned dairy co-operative Arla has teamed up with Magic Breakfast, a national charity that aims to ‘end hunger as a barrier to education’, to produce a series of fun activity sheets and videos to entertain and help all children around the UK learn more about the nutritional benefits of food. 

Life on a farm is brought to life in two engaging videos presented by Arla farmer Neil Dyson, who is also a part-time school teacher, on his farm in Buckinghamshire. Plus there are downloadable worksheets packed with quizzes and games to help primary-aged school kids learn about: What is dairy? Why do we need a healthy breakfast? and What can we do with dairy?  

With nearly one in eight young people never having seen a cow in real lifeii, and a third of five to seven year olds thinking cheese comes from plantsiii, kids watching the videos will be able to escape to the countryside and learn for themselves what really happens on a farm. Neil, a father of two, will bring to life the dairy farming process, the steps he’s taking to protect the environment and an insight into what makes a healthy balanced breakfast.   

Arla Farmer, Neil Dyson, 57, milks 500 Holstein cows at his third-generation farm in Princes Risborough. He said: “As well as being a farmer, I am also a teacher so education is very important to me. I'm delighted to be involved in this project to help kids around the UK learn a bit more about life on a farm and the importance of enjoying a healthy and nutritious start to the day.” 

The worksheets feature a series of engaging games, such as wordsearches, spot the difference and quizzes and are all nutritionist approved.  All will be available to download from the Arla website.   

Danny Micklethwaite, from Arla, said: "Our series of specially created videos and worksheets are designed to be fun, engaging and educational supporting primary school aged children to learn more about where their milk comes from and the nutritional importance of having a good breakfast to set them up for a day of learning.” said. 

In conjunction with Magic Breakfast, Arla already helps to provide healthy breakfasts to schoolchildren who might otherwise miss this important meal every day. Through the partnership, Arla will provide enough free Cravendale® milk for 4.8million bowls of breakfast cereal and will continue support right across the summer holidays, ensuring that children at risk of hunger do not miss out.   

Alex Cunningham, CEO of Magic Breakfast, “We are very pleased to be broadening our partnership with Arla by launching these great new resources for children. We are passionate about ensuring children eat a healthy breakfast each morning and these resources will help them to understand why it’s important to do so." 


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