Star of stage and screen Denise Van Outen knows all about first night nerves, but it's not just grownups that get the jitters.

Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen

Little ones can also encounter confidence hiccups and with that in mind Denise has teamed up with DryNites® to launch Confident Kids 24/7, encouraging parents to inspire the confidence children need to help overcome challenges such as bed wetting.

Mum to Betsy, five, Denise draws on her own experiences and shares some of her advice.

It's the little things… I always praise Betsy when she does something well, no matter how simple it might seem to us grownups. Even if it's just using a knife and fork properly - a simple acknowledgement that you've noticed your child has done something well will make them beam from ear-to-ear.

Look who's talking! My mum used to talk for my older sister when we were younger as she was quite shy and she thought she was protecting her. But by the time she had me she realised it was better for my confidence if I went and asked for things myself. I'm the same with Betsy, for example if we're in a restaurant I encourage her to ask for the bill, which lets her to converse with other adults, she gets all excited and it makes her feel grown up.

Why not try a hobby? When I was younger my mum really encouraged me with my acting, singing and dancing which I think gave me a massive boost. It empowered me to do things for myself. Of course even now I still get nervous before a show but that's because I want to a good job!

Goodnight, sleep tight… Bedtime is one of my favourite times with Betsy. We don't often have time to sit and talk during the day so I really treasure being able to chat to her as she's getting ready for bed. I make sure I remind her of all the great things she's done during the day and make sure she's happy with what she's going to be doing tomorrow, to set her mind at rest before she tucks in.

You're not alone. If Betsy does have a little accident during the night I always remind her that she's not alone, lots of children do it. Letting your little one know that it's perfectly normal will help them feel less embarrassed and their confidence won't take such a knock. We keep a stash of DryNites® handy for when she is going through a bedwetting blip.

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