The first 1,000 days of every baby's life include many momentous #BabyFirsts; from the first smile to the first step - they're each as special as the last. Today, new research conducted by NCT (the UK's largest parent charity) and supported by Pampers is revealed - it charts the experiences of first-time mothers and fathers through the first 1,000 days (from pregnancy to baby's 2nd birthday). To celebrate the study Pampers have created a film - A Newborn Journey of Firsts.

The research followed more than 1,000 parents, and has uncovered multiple new insights about the many rewards and challenges of being a parent. A key finding from the research was that mums and dads interpret their children's behaviour differently. At 21 months dads understand and respond to difficult child behaviour differently to mums. Mums were more likely to feel that toddlers had tantrums as a way of expressing difficult emotions (92% mums vs. 83% of dads) and that having an understanding about child development could help parents know how to respond to more difficult aspects of child behaviour. Whereas dads more frequently agreed that young children have tantrums to get what they want from parents (68% vs. 50% of mothers).

Dr. Ellie Cannon
Dr. Ellie Cannon

Pampers UK ambassador Dr. Ellie Cannon explains that 'tantrums can feel like an inevitable part of daily life with young children, but having some go-to tricks up your sleeve to help you cope in the ever-reddening-face of a toddler can be a great help, and relief, for you both. In my experience I have found that the following tips can sometimes help:

  • Be clear about what is, and isn't ok - the most important thing is to be consistent so your toddler can learn boundaries over time.
  • Gentle physical touch can be a very effective tool - hair stroking, back stroking, and rocking are all very calming and a way of re-connecting after a tantrum
  • Don't try to to argue back (however tempting!), as anger can be infectious and fuel their tantrum further
  • Provide lots of opportunities to let off steam every day -running around outside, at the playground, dancing to music
  • Give children some control and choice over what to eat, wear or play with
  • Use distractions and diversions for as long as they work - a new toy, a changed activity, a song or game
  • As children reach pre-school age, discuss how you want them to behave in different situations and have clear, simple rules
  • Have intimate moments, from reading to a cuddle on the sofa, they're all important to reinforce your bond and positive relationship
  • Check that they're not simply uncomfortable; they could be hungry, tired or sitting in a wet nappy. Try Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit that provide up to 12 hours of dryness, so your baby's comfort can be one less thing to worry about!

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