Easter on Female First

Easter on Female First

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Child's Farm Easter Wash 


Soreen Easter Chocolate and Orange Mini Loaves 

The nation’s favourite malt loaf brand, Soreen, have announced some spring-tastic news for fans, as they are now selling Chocolate & Orange Mini Loaves for Easter.

Bursting with flavour and packed with chocolate orange deliciousness, the mini loaves come in at under 100 calories per bar, making for a tasty but healthier treat to be enjoyed throughout the Spring season.

Seasonal flavours are often sought after for the nostalgic, feel-good sentiments they provide, but there are also some delicious chocolatey treats that hold far better nutritional values than the usual options.

The tasty-looking ‘deliciously springy Soreen’ loaves come in multipacks of five and are all individually wrapped, providing an easy grab on-the-go snack. They will be listed in Asda, as well as being available in Sainsburys, Morrisons, Aldi and Lidl from 27 February and will feature a recommended retail price of £1.

Happy Socks Smiley Egg Socks

Let your little one wake up on the sunny side with the Smiley Eggs socks. This love-ly pink style, part of the Easter collection, with its colour blocking heel and toe is perfect for Easter and every other day.

Billy Bunting Tea Party Bedding 

This adorable bunny bedding set is the perfect gift for a young child. Cosy and comfy, this bedding will have your child snuggled up under their duvet ready for the Easter Bunny’s arrival.

Billy Bunny Tea Party Bedding, £9.99, Terry Fabrics

Rabbit Head Wall Decor 

This oh so cute little bunny is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. As every rabbit is handmade, each one is unique and will have their very own special personality, making them an ideal candidate as a new buddy for little ones.

Rabbit head wall décor, £49.00, Room to Grow

Cuddly Boiled Egg 

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours cheeky and silly just like this little boiled egg! This oh-so cute little fellow has a bright sunny yolk face and a fluffy white body, a fantastic alternative gift to your everyday Easter egg.

Jellycat Amusable Boiled Egg, £11.00, Utility

Easter Dippy Egg Spoon 

Personalisation is almost definitely having a moment in the world of gifts and sometimes the most special gifts are the ones that feel personalise to us. This egg spoon can be engraved with the text of your choice, so if your little one loves a dippy egg and soldiers in the morning, this is the gift for them.

Easter dippy egg spoon, £7.99, The Laser Boutique

Bunny Hat 

This bunny hat is not only super cute but also fits into the all-important sustainability category, as it it’s produced using 100% organic cotton. Perfect for keeping your little one’s head nice and warm, the addition of side ties and ridiculously cute bunny ears makes this gift both practical and adorable.

White bunny hat, £16.99, Kit and kin

Hide and Squeak Eggs 

The perfect option for toddlers, simply crack open the eggs to reveal a brightly coloured chick. These toys encourage both shape shorting and colour recognition, as each chick corresponds with a matching shell, making them great for both education and fun. You could even swap out the chocolate on your next Easter egg hunt with these fun eggs for a healthy alternative!

Tomy Toomies hide and squeak eggs, £7.49, Amazon

Le Toy Van 

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