According to numerology, babies born on the 27th of the month have specific traits that children born on other days of the month don’t possess. Here are just seven of those traits and how you can embrace or temper these from an early age. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Babies born on the 27th of the month are:

Open-Minded: Your child will be open to new ideas and will grow up without feeling judgement towards others. While this is an admirable trait, they may need some guidance to focus on one or two ideas as the temptation is to get swept up or involved in them all. Help them to be selective about the ideas they want to pursue or they could end spreading themselves too thinly in later life. 

Hardworking: A 27 baby will always work hard for whatever they get in life- an excellent quality to have. They won’t expect something for nothing and this will ensure that whatever they achieve will be through honest channels. As their parent; be sure they have some downtime too, as they may not know when to stop and burn out as a young adult. 

Compassionate and kind: Your child will always think of others before themselves and will offer their help to those in need. Another attribute that should be cherished, however it can be taken advantage of by those who see it as an opportunity rather than taking it as it was intended. Try to teach your child who deserves their kindness and care and who doesn’t so their efforts don’t go to waste. 

Impatient: Your child will have difficulty waiting for things in life and this is something they will need your guidance with. Try to teach them the benefits of patience and why not getting everything in an instant is actually a good thing. They may resist at first but it is worth pushing back every time so they know what it is to feel truly satisfied. 

Self-Destructive: This links in with their impatience- while it may be easier to fall into bad habits, try to focus on their more positive traits and not let them slip into negative ways of thinking. The sooner they learn to shift their attention, the easier it will be to bounce back from temptation. 

Keen travellers: Your child will probably have wanderlust and if they can secure a job working abroad, this will be the perfect fit to satisfy their desire for new experiences, people and cultures. They may even decide to move abroad later in life. If you can nurture this passion early on, travel with them and make sure they are comfortable with new sights, sounds and smells from a young age you will serve them well. 

Good with people: Babies born on the 27th often turn into effective leaders and managers because they have a good understanding of people from all walks of life. If this is their path- it’s important that they come into contact with lots of people from being small so they can grow up knowing that everyone is different and that each and every person requires something bespoke from them. 

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