As we are now well into the last month of the year it’s now time to shine a light on December babies with a few fun facts about little ones born at this point in the calendar. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

December babies are among good company: Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore, Judd Apatow, Nicholas Hoult, Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Liu are just some of the famous faces who also celebrate a December birthday! Not too shabby and all work within the movie industry so don't be surprised if your little one grows up to love films! 

Birthstones: December birthstones include Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise all of which can have a blue hue, so if your baby grows up to love the colour blue, chances are it’s because it was written in the stones! Perfectly complimenting this time of year, the colour is often associated with cold and ice. 

December babies have a lot to celebrate: While their birthday is a pretty big deal, they get to share their birthday month with Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve as well as two Bank Holidays, so chances are the people around them will be able to take some annual leave to celebrate along with them. 

Star signs: December babies can either be a Saggitarius (23rd November-21st December) or a Capricorn (December 22nd-19th January). While Sagittarians and Capricorns share a lot of similarities- they both have a good sense of humour, can be sharp in the way they communicate with others and share an impatience for disingenuous love, they are poles apart in other ways. 

Sagittarians are impulsive, irresponsible, idealistic and procrastinate often while Capricorns are disciplined, self-sufficient and realistic, which are some pretty distinct differences. 

Birth Flower: Suitably festive, the birth flower for December is Holly! Associated with happiness and optimism, this plant is very adaptable and can survive in tropical as well as cold climbs. So, if your baby can accommodate any changes in their environment, they are much like their birth flower. 

Wanderlust: Sagittarians are known for the love of travel so chances are your baby will enjoy exploring new places once they are old enough. Capricorns find great joy in scenic places too, so whichever way you look at it, December babies are highly likely to be jet setters. 

Bittersweet Birthday: While it’s a positive to celebrate your birthday in a month when people are geared up to have a good time, it does have it’s disadvantages too. Some people report having their birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper or not receiving as much as they would have if their birthday had fallen at some other time of year. The most important thing to remember is that if your child was born in December, that you make just as much of a fuss so their birthday doesn’t play second fiddle to Christmas. 

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