Household chores- Yes, the dreaded cleaning tasks that we don't enjoy but really, have to do.

In light of Channel 4's 'Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners', where you questioning how much housework you actually do?

Did you see any similarities with yourself and the people who appeared? Maybe, you are a little extreme at times and like everything to be in order.

According to a new survey, 1 in 5 of women are missing out on social occasions due to housework.

A further 1 in 10 of UK women do a 'big spring clean' once a week according to new findings by Flash.

Despite, housework consuming a lot of time, 40% women never take a day off from cleaning admitting that "there's always something to be done every day."

There are the odd chores which women dislike, which include cleaning the bathroom followed by the oven.

However, 24% of women enjoy cleaning the kitchen most, closely followed by tidying clutter away.

Laura Kemp, journalist & author of 'Mums on Strike', said: "Unless the hubby and kids share the workload, it [chores] will all fall to mum. Already in 93% of UK households mum's doing all the housework, and the stats prove we're sacrificing in other areas, like our social life, to get stuff done in the home."

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