How many times have you checked Facebook today? Odds are you've done it more than a few, and you're an adult with a lot of things to do! Imagine then, how many times a child with a Facebook account has checked their account?

Are your children protected?

Are your children protected?

Apart from school, they have literally nothing to do. Their schedules are clear, with time to spare and boredom to quell. Reports state that 71% of 9 - 17 year olds will visit a social media site at least once a week, with more than 50% of children having used a social network by the age of 10.

It's a frightening thought. Have you seen the type of things you used to write on social media? I personally started using them when I was a 16 year old, and looking back through the archives can be excruciating. Imagine the rubbish put into the world if I was using Twitter when I was 12!?

I didn't know what I was doing, and was carelessly spouting nonsense and sharing private information to anyone who would listen. Fortunately social media was in its infancy, but nowadays things have moved on.

The rise of cyber bullying as well as the heightened threat of hackers and online predators make the Internet a scary place, especially when your nine year old could be sharing god knows what with complete strangers.

There's no need to worry though. Edustaff have created the parents guide to social media, featuring all the information you need to know about the main social networks and whether your child should be let loose on them.

Following a few simple rules, and sticking to the age guidelines for social networks will ensure your children are safe when surfing online.

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