I know myself, when your little one comes along- you want to buy them EVERYTHING because you don’t know what they will need and what they won’t. So here are some ways to penny pinch if you are on a budget.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Be honest when it comes to gifts- If people want to buy your baby something and enquire about what you might like- ask them to give you money or a voucher to buy something you really need or ask them for something specific rather than them buying something on a whim. If you need extra formula- ask for formula! They will be doing you a huge favour! 

Buy second hand- You can get some great bargains on eBay and Facebook marketplace for clothes, toys, furniture, prams and everything in between. Before spending good money on new products, see if you can grab yourself a bargain on one of these destinations first. Your baby isn't going to know the difference. 

Ask friends and family- Most people who’ve had kids will be delighted to donate their things to you if you only ask. Clothes, toys, books, travel cots- most parents have something lurking in their attic from when their child was little and they probably won't want anything for them either.

Go to car boot sales- Car boots are a treasure trove for new parents because people are always looking to offload things in bulk once their baby grows out of their their clothes and toys. The sellers don’t want to drag everything home with them, so they are often open to a bit of haggling too!

Don’t automatically opt for brands- Just because something is branded doesn’t mean it’s better. Sometimes the cheaper option is just as good. Ask other new parents in your circle of friends where they buy their nappies, wipes and milk from- to name a few- you might be surprised at the saving.

Shop in supermarkets- While you are getting your weekly shop- have a look in the baby section. They often sell baby grows, vests, bibs and outfits at a fraction of the cost of a specialised baby shop or high street shop. Your baby won't care where their clothes come from as long as they keep them warm. 

Charity shops- The baby sections are often bursting with toys, books, clothes and bouncers for instance, so visit a few of your local shops and see what you can find. You might save yourself a fortune!

BONUS: Buy reusable wipes:  How many of us are guilty of using hundreds and hundreds of disposable baby wipes each year to clean our little ones hands and faces?

Cuddledry, creators of the multi award winning hands-free baby towel, are on a mission to get parents to ‘ditch the disposable wipes’ when it comes to cleaning up their little people and start using their super soft bamboo washcloths instead.

These beautiful washcloths were designed to use on babies’ delicate skin and are made from the softest bamboo cotton. Simply use one of the cloths, rinse it and then pop it in the washing machine with your next load of washing.

They are the perfect sustainable replacement for disposable wipes which end up sitting in landfill, littering our beaches and blocking our sewers. 

Cuddledry’s washcloths are sold in packs of 3 for £5.99, available from www.cuddledry.com

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