January Jones believes people should have licenses to become parents.

January Jones and Xander

January Jones and Xander

The 37-year-old actress thinks she is an "awesome" mother to her three-year-old son Xander - whose father's identity she has never revealed - but doesn't believe everyone has the right attributes to nurture a young life.

Discussing whether she feels her 'Mad Men' character, Betty Francis, should have had children, she said: "There's a lot of us who probably shouldn't be mothers. I'm not including myself because I'm awesome, but there should be a license to have a kid, I think.

"Back then, people were having them when they were children themselves. It changes your life in every way and I don't know if Betty was selfless enough to be a mum. She's competitive and emotionally immature, but she gets better.

"She tries, and I think that's good."

January felt "really emotional" on the final day of filming 'Mad Men' and even deliberately messed up her scenes to prolong the end.

She told Grazia magazine: "This is the longest relationship I've had, so it was really emotional. I kept messing up my takes so that I could keep saying my lines for her. It felt like someone was dying."

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