VIDEO: Kids Become Quality Testers for Hyundai

VIDEO: Kids Become Quality Testers for Hyundai

Holmer Green school children have been testing out the new Hyundai to make sure it’s fit for the job of a quality family car. See what they got up to below!

Hyundai claim that their new i30 Tourer is the perfect family car, down to its sustainability and durability.

To test this claim, 15 school children put the car through six hours of rigorous testing including lots of mud, water, bubbles and sand!

Mark Baxter, Hyundai UK’s Product Planning Manager, said, “At Hyundai we believe in ‘new thinking’ which is why we like to take a different approach when it comes to quality testing.

“Kids are notoriously hard on cars and these days families need transport that will withstand sticky fingers, accidental spillages and energetic personalities.

“We wanted to see if the i30 Tourer really is a fully-suitable and durable family car - we thought that if it can withstand the tests of 25 kids, we could be confident that it would be tough enough for family life.

“I must say, I was extremely nervous about doing this test. I have a child myself so I know exactly how messy kids can be. But I am very confident in the quality of Hyundais.

“As I suspected, the reception children gave our New Generation i30 Tourer a thorough inspection and the Year 5 pupils provided me with some very useful feedback.

“The fact that the i30 survived with only a few scratches after such rigorous testing is testament to the way modern Hyundai vehicles are built.”

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