Academy Award nominated actress Kristin Scott Thomas has joined Hope and Homes for Children to launch new campaign, 'Numb3rs'.

Hope and Homes for Children, the global leader in child protection reform, have announced a three-month appeal to raise funds to support their work in Rwanda and across East Africa.

All donations made to the 'Numb3rs' appeal before the 12th December 2014 will be doubled by the UK government, supporting more vulnerable families and giving them the means to lift themselves out of poverty and prevent children being condemned to orphanages.

Other high profile individuals who will be supporting the campaign include Bear Grylls, Nick Hewer, Jeremy Vine, and 'Bond girl' Olga Kurylenko.

In the first of a series of ten short videos, designed to combat the misconceptions and myths around orphanages, Kristin challenges the idea that children are better off in an orphanage.

"Orphanages cannot provide the love and protection that children need. Only families can. Hope and Homes for Children work to keep vulnerable families together and to bring an end to the need for children to grow up in an orphanages.

"By supporting Hope and Homes for Children's Numb3rs Appeal, the public can really make a lasting difference and help to ensure that all children grow up with the love and support of a family. I do hope everyone will support this fantastic initiative." added Kristin.

Mark Waddington, Chief Executive of Home and Homes for Children added: "There are eight million children confined to orphanages around the world, including tens of thousands across Africa. Many of these children are confined to their cots with just a number to identify them. They have no love, no protection and no future. Over 80% of these children have at least one living parent.

"We believe all children deserve the love, support and protection of a family to allow them to thrive and grow and I have seen first-hand the impact we can make. The Numb3rs campaign will allow us to accelerate our efforts across East Africa, putting support services in place that help families to stay together and provide children with the love and protection they deserve.

"It's absolutely fantastic the UK government is matching public donations to the Numb3rs campaign. With the public's help, we believe we can end the need for orphanages in our lifetime."

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