As the kids start to become familiar with the internet and technology, it’s vital that we, as parents, educate and protect our kids for life online.

Louise Redknapp is working alongside EE's latest campaign 'PhoneSmart Licence.'
Louise Redknapp is working alongside EE's latest campaign 'PhoneSmart Licence.'

We chat with Louise Redknapp - who is working with EE on their latest campaign ‘PhoneSmart Licence’ - on educating young people on how to stay safe and be kind online. The free app will provide parents with the knowledge and confidence to support their child in preparing for the next step in online independence.

You have partnered with EE for their new 'PhoneSmart Licence' campaign – Could you tell us a little more about this?

I have partnered up with EE and the PhoneSmart campaign because I’ve got two boys, the youngest being thirteen. I really do see the impact that social media and having his phone on him has all the time. Even though there’s a lot of positives that come out of social media and the internet, there's also a lot of things you wouldn't want your child to see, so I think it's a great idea because it's giving you something you can complete together. Getting the EE PhoneSmart license gives you the opportunity to talk to them about the things they need to look out for and an excuse to sit down and make it fun.

What does your involvement entail?

My involvement is to try and get the word out there, I’ve done the EE PhoneSmart license myself and know what it consists of, so I can talk about it. I think it's a great idea and I want to really let as many people know about it as possible through the channels I have. It can be very overwhelming giving your child their first phone and I think it’s really important to get support on how to navigate our way around social media.

Does the programme cater to parents as well as children?

I think the programme helps parents make it fun for their children. The graphics and the website are very bright and colourful and it's for a younger generation, not adults. But it helps you as a parent do it with your child and keep it interesting. 

Why do you think it is important for children to understand online safety?

I think as a parent we know more than ever nowadays how important it is that our children understand being safe online. We hear about bullying, horrible pictures and there are so many things that we want to protect our child against for as long as possible. Ultimately, we are not able to manage this by ourselves. 

Being a mother – How do you ensure your children are safe when using the internet?

I almost think it's impossible to ensure that your child is safe online. I know for me, my son has a phone for when he stays at a friend’s house, when he goes to football and while he’s waiting to be picked up. I think that's why the EE PhoneSmart license is a great idea, it’s just another protective layer in which we can ensure that our kids are as safe as they can be. 

Do think the lockdown/ homeschooling heightened the importance of young children using technology safely and responsibly?

I think that covid and lockdown showed us the great ways you can use social media, as in my kids would hook up with their friends on houseparty, watch a movie, chat - it was the nearest thing they could do to having people round. I think that the positives and the negatives obviously were the amount of screen time they were using, being board to flick through different things and as a parent it’s important to keep an eye on them and what they’re looking at. Teaching your child to be safe whilst online is so important. 

How did you find home-schooling?

Home schooling was tough for 90% of parents and obviously with technology, it’s tempting to go on TikTok and Instagram whilst doing the whole home-schooling thing. I think luckily, we were able to get a balance, but trying to get your kids to concentrate 5 days a week was another challenge - well, it was for me anyway. 

Do you have anything else in the pipeline?

In the pipeline I am just about to finish 9 to 5 which has been an amazing run and I have loved doing it. It would be great to do some new music next year in some capacity, maybe another west end show. I am also collaborating with Peacocks as well so lots more fashion.

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