Meerkat Math

Meerkat Math

Female First reviews the maths app for parents that allows children to have fun while learning.

All week we will be reviewing the best mobile apps for Female First readers as part of National App Week - celebrating an industry that British entrepreneurs are considered the world’s best, the app development industry.

Here, Michael Banks of Corporate Group takes us through Meerkat Math.

- What does it do?:

Developed and created by former teachers, Meerkat Math is an educational children's game, helping children to learn maths in a fun way.

There are forty levels of free lesson games, including: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

t includes a multiplayer mode, which allows children to stay motivated while compete against players all over the world, but it’s quite safe - communication between players in not permitted. There are three modes of play to suit children of all abilities, as well as four difficulty levels.

- What’s good about it?:

Meerkat Math is very well presented, with colourful, fluid animations. It’s a smart way of teaching maths and tracking children’s progress.

To answer questions, children need to move the meerkat icon to select answers to maths questions and it’s easy to forget it’s educational, the game’s so much fun.

Depending on the difficulty level selected, it can be very challenging and repetitive, ensuring the user increases their speed without realising it. The multiplayer function is a great addition, encouraging children to learn together online, in a safe environment.

- What was bad about it?:

It’s not free, but at only 69p to £1.49, depending on the mode you select, it won’t break the bank.

Verdict: Meerkat Math is superb way to encourage children to practice their maths without it feeling like homework.
Score: 8/10

Meerkat Math is available free of charge on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad,