Michelle Heaton joins Mushroom Bureau, the organisation who represent British and Irish mushrooms farmers, to launch the next stage of their healthy eating campaign, 'Just Add Mushrooms'.

The campaign aims to support British and Irish mushroom farmers by encouraging people to purchase and cook with mushrooms more frequently.

The mum-of-two chats to Female First on healthy living, creativity in the kitchen and not giving up her 'cheat' days.

Michelle Heaton- Mushroom Bureau
Michelle Heaton- Mushroom Bureau

- Hi Michelle! You have teamed up with Mushroom Bureau for the next healthy eating campaign. Could you tell us a little more about this?

It's called 'Just Add Mushrooms' and I choose to team up with Mushroom Bureau as I'm a keen advocate for healthy eating, exercise, a healthy lifestyle. When I got approached to be a representative for this campaign, I thought 'absolutely!' I think that mushrooms are one of those stables that everyone loves, just like like onions or lettice- people go and buy them but they don't actually know what to do with them.

Sometimes, it gets to the end of the week and I've got mushrooms left and have to throw them away. But since I've been working with Mushroom Bureau it's really opened my eyes with how much you can actually do with mushrooms and how many different varieties and flavours that are available.

- The campaign encourages people to purchase and cook mushrooms more frequently. Why should people start to use mushrooms as a staple ingredient?

They are really simple to use and make such a difference to a meal. I will use them if I'm making a stir-fry. I just chop them up and throw them in a pan. We also enjoy mushrooms with cheese on toast- it's quick and simple but it's really delicious!

- What are your favourite dishes to make or eat that contain mushrooms?

I love to use Portobello mushrooms in my recipes and I make something similar to eggs benedict and I incorporate Babybel or baby cheese to mix it up a little and my daughter loves it. She understands what ingredients I am using and loves to try new things.

- Leading a healthy lifestyle is something that you feel strongly about- What advice can you give to other mums who struggle with their weight/diet?

It's tough I'm not going to lie- you really have to work at it. Especially after my second child it was harder to lose the weight. But there is no magic potion you just have to work at it. I'm 35 years old now and I've been through a lot so I like to watch my diet and stay healthy. You name a diet and I've tried it!

The only thing that has worked for me is keeping a balanced diet, exercising and enjoying my treat days. When my husband and I have date night I will indulge in whatever I like and not worry about it, but when I'm at home I am strict with my meals.

- Do you ever have an 'off' day were you just want to eat whatever you fancy?

I have my treat days and I couldn't give them up. But if I'm trying to lose weight before a holiday then I will be more careful with my diet and not have as many cheat days. But on the actual cheat day itself I will eat what I like.

- Would you say that you are strict when it comes to your children's diet?

I would like to think that I am strict when it comes down to sugars and not having lots of unhealthy foods. But again, if we are eating out then I will let them eat what they choose.

Michelle Heaton- Mushroom Bureau

Michelle is the new spokesperson for the 'Just Add Mushrooms' campaign. For more information, visit: www.justaddmushrooms.com

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