If you are a minimalist parent or indeed aspiring to be one and therefore want to avoid masses of presents entering your home this year, here are some ideas for toddlers that won’t overwhelm them or their bedroom. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A Kindle: If your budget will allow, a child’s Kindle will cover lots of different things that have the potential to cause clutter. You can put games on there, load books and audiobooks on it to read or listen to, add apps that let them colour in and watch their favourite shows all in one handy gadget. Plus, it has the added bonus of being safe, whereas if they pick up your I-pad or Kindle they may end up buying something or seeing something they shouldn’t. 

Zoo membership: If you little one loves animals- the ability to go to the zoo as many times as they want throughout the year will appeal to them and you if you often struggle to think of places to take your toddler. Safari parks and farms are equally as entertaining for children who are passionate about animals, so whichever falls in line with your budget. With memberships of this ilk, the companies often send out a stuffed animal as part of the package so there will be a little bit of something to open on the day. 

Disney+: Rather than buying a DVD or Blu-ray- Disney+ will give your toddler access to all the Disney movies, shorts and shows in one place so if they get bored of what is on TV or you enjoy movie nights as a family in your home, your little one will always be catered for. 

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Aquarium Pass: If your toddler is less interested in land animals and prefers ones that swim- an aquarium pass could be just the ticket. You will have somewhere to go on rainy days and they will see something new every time you go. Plus it will stop them asking for a pet fish if they can go and see bigger and better ones often. 

Theme park pass: Most theme parks have areas that are designed for babies and toddlers, so if you want to start your thrill seeker early, this will keep them busy for a few hours. Between queues, lunch and nappy changes, you probably won’t get around everything in one day so you can go on different rides every time you visit to keep it interesting. 

Legoland pass: If your toddler is bonkers about building- this could be the gift dreams are made of. All year round access means you always have a guaranteed fallback option if you are struggling to think of places to go. Plus attractions such as this often hold themed events around Christmas, Halloween and Easter so your little one won’t get bored. 

National Trust membership: If your toddler loves nothing more than to run about, walk in nature, kick a football, have picnics, look at flowers and go on treasure hunts, the National Trust covers all of these things. A day out that is guaranteed to get some fresh air in the lungs of your toddler and can be done on a budget once the membership is paid for. 

Happy Christmas to all the parents of toddlers! 

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